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Jiyoung's dad says something that more or less proves the girl's have NO SAY in this business

Seungyeon’s father is currently undergoing a controversy for statements he had made in an interview with Japan’s Fuji TV. Now it looks like he’ll be joined by Jiyoung’s father, who also made some contentious statements during a separate interview with Fuji TV.

On February 16th, the Japanese network aired an interview with Jiyoung’s father, Kang Gun Wook, through their “Super News” segment, and asked whether it was true that DSP Media only distributed ¥60,000 at the height of their “Lupin” promotions.

Kang replied, “At the time of the ‘Lupin’ promotions, about $400,000 USD in profit were made from digital sales. But all of that went into promotional expenses, and only a few hundred were left. Speaking in terms of the Japanese yen, that amounts to about ¥10,000. The distribution per member is about ¥60,000.

When further asked what Jiyoung herself thought about the recent lawsuit, he replied, “She’s probably upset. Jiyoung did ask whether it was necessary for it to develop into a lawsuit, but this won’t be inflicting any harm onto the girls’ promotional activities. If the company is in the wrong, they should apologize, but they actually said good job. How could I not get mad? They did not apologize even once. If conversing through words doesn’t work, the law must be used.


So…are the 3 actually making ANY decisions on their own? like…at all?
Tags:, dsp entertainment, kara, scandals

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