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sneak peak at BIGBANG's "SECRET GARDEN" parody

According to information revealed by YG Entertainment on February 17th, Big Bang recorded a parody of “Secret Garden” on the 15th and 16th as a special treat for their fans attending their upcoming “2011 Big Show” concert.

T.O.P took on the role of ‘Kim Juwon,’ while G-Dragon played ‘Gil Ra-Im.’ Seungri played ‘Oscar,’ Daesung played Juwon’s mother, and Taeyang played ‘Director Im Jong Su.’

In a picture taken exclusively by Star News, Daesung and G-Dragon are pictured dressed up as their respective roles. YG officials further revealed, “T.O.P perfectly brought together Juwon’s image, complete with the training suit and hair style. Seungri, who’s been imitating Yoon Sang Hyun’s voice for a while, transformed into Hallyu star ‘Oscar,’ while Taeyang showed off a dramatic new hair style through his role as the director.”

Big Bang was also given special permission to record in Juwon’s real home in order to perfect their parody.

The video will be unveiled through their “Big Show” concert scheduled for February 25th through the 27th. ”Despite the recording taking two days, the Big Bang members couldn’t stop laughing over their transformations and were not tired at all. The members will be re-creating the famous ‘foam kiss’ scene, so please look forward to it.”

Source: Star News via Nate , translated by ALLKPOP

Secret Garden parody info..
TOP - Kim Joowon
GD - Gil Raim
Seungri - Oska
Daesung - Joowon's mother
Taeyang - Director Lim

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