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KARA united as they get mobbed on their way back to Japan for URAKARA filming

The members of KARA returned to Japan to resume filming for their show, “URAKARA“, and they were forced to endure yet another chapter of airport chaos.

Since Han Seungyeon left for Japan yesterday ahead of her group due to a personal schedule, the media saw the remaining four depart from Gimpo Airport together on February 17th.

Seungyeon left alone for Japan on February 16th for a personal schedule

Park Gyuri, Nicole, Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung were seen at the lobby on February 17th at around 7:15 PM preparing for their evening flight to Japan. The members entered the airport in a composed manner, and did not answer any of the reporters’ questions; instead, they were rushed to the departing gate while being surrounded by bodyguards.

The members faced a situation where they had to grab onto each others’ hands to squeeze through their bodyguards in order to bypass the overly-enthusiastic reporters who swarmed around them.

Source: Nate, akp, mrhoneyhamsy, koreaspottv

at least this time around a reporter didn't punch nicole [as seen here].
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