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How the WG spent Valentines Day ♡

Sohee: Lim, Lim, Lim….Come, let’s melt this together. This feels like a real Valentine’s Day…
Lim: Ohh, Chocolate!
Sohee: Hold the handle..Oh yeah, your left-handed!
Sun: Oh this is how you melt it!
Sohee: How do you do that…the thing that Yubin unnie said she was going to do? marbling?
Jane: You put one layer, and then another and another…
Sohee: We have a lot of white chocolate. Please keep stirring so the chocolate doesn’t stick on the bottom ^^
Sohee: I’ve had some experience with stirring in the past. All I did was stirr.
Lim: Is this milk chocolate?
Sohee: I like dark chocolate
Lim: I like milk…or white
Sohee: I think you really like sweets. But I do like chocolates that have crunch inside
Lim: Me too, me too. But there are a lot of people who don’t like that too
Sohee: Oh really?
Lim: I like it though..

Sun: Ohh, it works, it works!
Yenny: Since we’ve done it before..eheh
Yubin: I want to make a marble design..
Sun: Oh, that would be pretty!
Sohee: Should we make another batch of milk chocolate, or dark chocolate?
Yenny: We already did milk chocolate so let’s use the dark one

Sohee: Make a leaf design!
Yenny: Make some reasonable requests!
Sohee: Ok, a rabbit design please…
Sun: Ohhh, this is it! I think I’m doing this marbling thing correctly!
Yenny: Yeah, this is how you do it!
Sohee: Really? Can you get it on the camera?
Yenny: Show us Sohee!
Sohee: Uh, they just kind of did it like this?…
Yenny: Hey, mix it with some confidence! Make a line at the end…
Yenny: Hey, you mixed it too much…Oh OHH stop. OHH
Sohee: Umm, what design is this?
Yenny: OH, this is a tree! Can’t you see it? It’s a tree on a hill. See
Yenny: This time…
Sohee: What is it? Tell us what it is!
Yenny: Ummm…it’s a cloud. It’s a cloud floating in the sky
Yenny: I’m making hearts right now. Come watch me. I just drew all these hearts. You know how sophisticated this is?
Sohee: Ahhh. AHH. OWW my hand….HEY LOOK AT ME! Ohh Yubin unnie, what do I do…my hand is bleeding…

Yenny: Ahhh, how pretty!

source: wondergirls @ yt, wondergirlsworld

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