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Song Joong Ki is a ‘dandy guy’ in Cosmopolitan Man

Actor Song Joong Ki has transformed into a ‘dandy guy’ for Cosmopolitan Man.

Song Joong Ki, who captured women’s hearts through "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", has recently comeback as a ‘dandy guy’ through the March issue of the fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan Man.

In the magazine spread, Song Joong Ki models several different outfits: a clean Glen-checkered jacket with a white t-shirt, a beige-knit cardigan with linen pants, and a striped shirt with a vest – showing an appropriate, sophisticated style.

Without unnecessary silhouettes, and with the usage of sand beige, blue, and grey color schemes, Song Joong Ki was able to show this season’s trend through the casual shoot.

src: akp from newsen via nate.
Tags: photoshoot, song joong-ki

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