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When Taejin Ah puts his mind to something, it gets done

After recent reports that the Korean Singers Association president, Tae Jin Ah, would personally be mediating the dispute between the three members of KARA and their agency, DSP Media, a recent announcement by Tae Jin Ah show prospects of a final reconciliation between the two parties.

President Tae Jin Ah told Asia Economy on February 18th, “I received replies from the lawyer representatives of both the three KARA members and DSP Media.”

He continued, “We examined the documents, and we believe we will get a very positive outcome, and we think the arbitration was successful. The lawyers and I will be sitting together on one table to discuss the matter as early as tomorrow (February 19th).

On the day of discussion, those who will be present will include myself and the respective lawyers for the three KARA members and DSP Media, as well as the president of the Entertainment Producers Association, Ahn Jung Dae. I will be meeting with the parents of the three members only after in-depth discussions have taken place.

Tae Jin Ah concluded, “With both lawyers sending positive replies, the possibility of a positive outcome to the situation has increased. Please wait a little while longer.


They must be as afraid of him as Eru's ex girlfriend was…
too soon to make those jokes?
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