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Jo Sungmo Being Sued For $2.7 Million USD by S-Plus Entertainment

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Singer Jo Sung Mo (35) has recently been caught in a lawsuit dispute with his agency for failing to comply with his exclusive contract.

According to the Seoul Central District Court on February 18th, S-Plus Entertainment stated, “Jo Sung Mo failed to fulfill the conditions in his exclusive contract, and instead carried out his own personal activities,” and they filed a $2.7 million USD lawsuit for damage compensation.

S-Plus Entertainment continued, “Jo Sung Mo signed a $90,000 USD exclusive contract with the agency in 2009. However, ever since he received treatment in the hospital for his injury from KBS’s ‘Dream Team‘ last year, our communication with him got disrupted.”

“Without the agency’s consent, Jo Sung Mo participated in four events between October and November of last year, and also released two albums by himself. He violated the terms of the contract, which stated that he would release three albums in Korea and six albums in Japan.”

With regards to their lawsuit, S-Plus Entertainment stated, “We demand him to pay $2.7 million USD for compensation. Also, $1.3 million USD went towards Jo Sung Mo’s activities thus far. This will be demanded later on.”

Source: allkpop and Star News via Nate

Shit just got real for Sungmo. ;__;
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