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Yamapi coming to Korea

If you know some about Jpop and Jdoramas, I think most Kpop fans do, you know who Yamapi is. Tomohisa Yamashita, aka Yamapi, is a famous Jpop idol member of the group NEWS and also a successful dorama actor (LOVED him in Nobuta wo Produce and Buzzer Beat). He just began solo activities in January and is bringing it to South Korea. Well with all the Kpop acts going to Japan, turnaround is fair play- ne?

Yamapi just released hi first solo album, Super Good, Super Bad on January 26th and will be having concerts in 5 cities in Japan as well as in Hong Kong, Taipei, Busan, Seoul, and Bangkok. His album will be released in Korea on March 2nd and it consists of 2 CDs and 25 songs, wow. His first solo concerts in Korea will be on April 16th & 17th.

To help promote his album and concerts Yamapi will perform on Mnet’s M! Countdown on February 24th. Oooh, that’s a must see! Last year KAT-TUN, this year Yamapi, will Arashi be next?

Source: Seoulbeats, Newsen

I'm so excited to see him on mcountdown!!!!
Tags: foreign celebrities, mnet countdown

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