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[NEWS] About Comeback & Strong Heart (19/02/2011)

[NEWS] YG Entertainment goes all out for Big Bang’s comeback promotions:

While gearing up for their official comeback on February 24th, YG Entertainment was revealed to be sparing no costs in promoting Big Bang’s first comeback in nearly two years.

The agency was reported to have spent a couple hundred million won alone in just the advertising and promotion for the album. They currently have two rapping buses touring Seoul, as well as over 40 ads plastered on intra-city buses. Banners alerting passerbys of the album’s drop date are also spread throughout, including a larger exterior banner put up over the Cine City in Apgujung.

Advertisements are also placed near the 2nd and 4th subway lines, as well as screen trailers in CGV theaters, multi-cubes in CGV theater lobbies, and DLA systems in the lobies in Yongsan, Myungdong, and Wangshibri. One newspaper company recently even put out two full page advertisements.

As if all that isn’t enough, the company also went ahead in investing in partnerships with advertising companies for a variety of other ’spot exposure’ promotions.

One industry representative commented, “Movies spend a significant amount on advertising expenses, but albums are promoted through broadcast shows, so this is definitely an exceptional promotion case.”

Source: bigbangupdates

[NEWS] G-Dragon and Seungri to appear on Strong Heart before Big Bang Comeback:

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Seungri will show themselves on the epiode of SBS’s ‘Strong Heart’ that will be aired on February 22nd before their fourth mini album release and comeback on February 24th.

G-Dragon and Seungri have worked as a tow for viewer ratings by going on the first episode of ‘Strong Heart’ before. Especially for Seungri, who will be on ‘Strong Heart’ for a third time, as he is receiving anticipation for his appearance because every time he’d gone on in the past he’d showcased his extraordinary wit.

Also, it has been rumored that on this episode, G-Dragon showed his rough, unsparing witty sense, and went full blast with it. G-Dragon presented laughter from the start with his rowdy hello and aegyo at the beginning.

Also, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Shindong, H.O.T.’s Moon Hee Jun, and Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan, gathered together to chat about new and old male idol singers’ dating and love, and escape.

Source: osen news via daum@allkpop
Source: bigbangupdates
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