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IU's "Oppa" Fans Continue to be Creeps

 IU, past sticker photos of a sweet couple pose… male fans are in a ‘jealous rage'

Singer IU’s past sticker photos are invoking jealousy from many netizens.

Recently, these past sticker photos were uploaded onto an online community site and show IU posing sweetly with an unknown male whose face has been blurred out.

Upon seeing these photos, male fans have been furiously debating the identity of the male in the photos. They speculate “Judging from her young face, this must have been one of her friends from elementary school.”

Many are wondering “Was this her boyfriend?” and in response, others have stated “Seeing that the guy is posing with her from the side proves that they weren’t anything other than just friends.”

Netizens have shown much interest, commenting “It’s surely because the sticker photo booth was too small”, “I don’t know who you are or where you live, but how about you come and meet me”, “Even a younger IU is seriously cute.”

Meanwhile, IU is receiving much love for her role in KBS2TV’s ‘Dream High’ and through her promotions for ‘A Story Only I Didn’t Know.’

Translation: janeberryblue @
Source: Seoul News NTN
Original Article: Nate

Looks like her haircut from Boo/Ittjanha promotions, so I doubt it's from elementary school. My first thought was that it could be Thunder since they were trainees together. Any Thunder stans who can tell me if those look like his fingers?
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