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here i come to grace you with another suzy post

What happened to miss A’s Suzy and T-ara’s Jiyeon that’s making them panic?

On February 19th, the two girls shared a photo of them in a ‘panicked state,’ but for reasons unknown.

Jiyeon tweeted, “Both of us……….. panic……….. kekeke Ah, Suzy is so cute….”

Visibly looking tired, the two are pictured leaning against one another without any focus in their gazes. Netizens immediately noticed the resemblance they had to one another with the bang hair and semi-smoky makeup.

Fans commented, “Cutie, cutie!,” “You always make me smile,” “MCs, fighting!” and “You’re both so cute and pretty~”.

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miss A’s Suzy made news when she publicly cheered on her classmate who was going to audition for MBC’s “The Birth of a Great Star.”

In the final round before entering “mentor school”, her friend Hwang Ji Hwan said, “Suzy, I will work hard and pass this round with your song.“

He sang “Bad Girl Good Girl” in his own way, and his unique remix won over the judges. He was passed by all the judges, but he chose Shin Seung Hoon as his mentor.

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Despite her busy filming schedule, miss A’s Suzy has managed to reveal pictures of herself with her “Dream High” castmates Kim Soo Hyun and Uhm Ki Joon. Her picture with Kim Soo Hyun has garnered particular interest for showcasing their lovely faces.

On February 18th, Suzy tweeted,

“Sam Dong and Hyemi smile“

The two have gained much interest for having appearances worthy of being called a beautiful-looking couple. Even with the closeness of the shot and the clearness of the photo, they look exceptional.

Netizens commented, “This is a visual shock“, “Looks like it’s from the Japanese filming. You look good together“, and “This is a beautiful-looking couple.”

Additionally, Suzy also posted a picture of herself with Uhm Ki Joon, saying,

“In Japan, Go Hyemi and Ki Joon-oppa ^ㅁ^V“

this post was brought to you by flipping suzy
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