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Look at the time. It's lucky #7 in our ongoing series of Weekly quotes here at Omona. As always we have a mix of varying quotes but lets start out with an OMNTD 1st! A little quote on CHEMICAL CASTRATION.

“Imagine that I committed a crime like this. I know I won’t, but on accident. And then I get married. (After you serve) and become a free person, it’s so sad for the person to not be able to live a happy life because of the chemical castration.” - MBLAQ’s Lee Joon


Do you believe in chemical castration for rapists ?


[Word From Our Lord & Savior]

"We're number 1 in Taiwan for 38 weeks...Next time, let's do the photoshoot in China, I'm like a god in China." - Kim Heechul


“In this case, inflammation may be possible and at worst, could deform the bones. If that happens, he will have to go through post-op rehabilitation for five to six months. Also, his bones may not align correctly and in the worst case, he may not be able to walk again.” - The Director of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Im Chang Su commenting on Shin Jung Hwan’s leg surgery

My other mistake was that when I withdrew from 2PM, the members I suffered with together, lived and had fun with together, received undeserved distress from the huge aftermath. I am so sorry to the point where there is nothing I could say to them. - Jay Park

“Up until now, I’ve been met with both happy and difficult moments as I promoted through TVXQ. But never once was I able to cry to my heart’s content.” - Yunho

“Lee Joon is currently receiving treatment in the hospital after vomiting all of a sudden. He has a cochlea disorder, but the results showed that his condition is not severe. Thank you for those who are concerned. - A representative from MBLAQ’s agency

"Corporal punishment is barbaric, inhumane and often used by teachers simply to release their own anger. What's worse, it makes youngsters take violence in everyday life for granted," - Cho Shin of Seoul's education office

Although no one knows who I am when I go out in the streets by myself, if someone’s whispering, I think they are they talking about me’. - Infinite's paranoid Sungyeol


“I think the leader is acting with no responsibilities. This happened because of bad communication.” - Seungyeon’s father AKA Shirley 2.0 on this week’s broadcast of Fuji TV’s ”Super News“


What was said in the Japanese broadcast was correct, but I had no intention of putting the blame on Gyuri. In any group, the leader is supposed to take care of the other members’ complaints by addressing them with the company. However, as the group’s complaints got bigger and bigger, Gyuri did not play her role well, which is why I’m disappointed. - Seungyeon’s father (who, by the way, is also a master sword craftsman) maintains that he did not intend to blame Gyuri for the problem with the company. OMNTD SUPPORTS gyuri

“Korean industries are passionate about selling their content, but tend to refuse foreign content... This provokes a sense of discontent in other countries.” - Song Won-seop , director of JoongAng Entertainment and Sports

“There are no agencies these days that support you financially 100%. Since we do support you 100%, don’t leave us. Even if you say that we forced you to provide sexual favors, you really have nothing to say in the end.” - director of an agency on hidden camera

[Kpop Lawsuit Concept]
“Aside from their album sales, KARA was distributed a total of $200,000 USD per member from income made through CFs, events, broadcast appearances, digital sales, and mobile sales.” - DSP Media’s legal representative Im Sang Hyuk,

“We consider it a victory of truth and hope that their activities are no longer hindered by forced accusations of double contracts. We will be working hard to show only the best side of JYJ to the public. I would like to thank the JYJ members and the staff for consistently battling a tiring fight against Goliath.” - Baek Chang Ju, CEO of CJES Entertainment commenting on SME's injunctions against JYJ being dismissed.

“The biggest problem between the agency and the three members seems to lie in the allegedly unfair sharing of revenue. We think the depth of the conflict is deeper than we first thought.” - A representative of Tae Jin Ah on why he has come forth to intervene in an attempt to settle Kara's situation.

“Without the agency’s consent, Jo Sung Mo participated in four events between October and November of last year, and also released two albums by himself. He violated the terms of the contract, which stated that he would release three albums in Korea and six albums in Japan.” - on why they are suing jo sungmo for 2.7 Million USD


“She’s probably upset. Jiyoung did ask whether it was necessary for it to develop into a lawsuit, but this won’t be inflicting any harm onto the girls’ promotional activities." - Jiyoung’s father (KARA) on what he thinks Jiyoung thought about the recent lawsuit. wut?


“can’t lose when it comes to butts” - Kim Dong Wan


“I wanted to show myself as who I really am, not someone trapped in what the public imagines me to be. This is not an attempt to create headlines, but an attempt to enjoy something I truly love with the public.” - So Ji Sub on the release of his new mv "pick up line"


“I nagged him, saying that I’ll try my best if he buys it for me. It was Christmas at the time, and since it was around the time I was preparing for my debut, he bought it for me as a message of encouragement.” - Park Yoo Hwan on his brother Yoochun buying him a car.

[Endless charms]

“We’re extremely happy to be able to hold a concert like this. It’s an opportunity for us to show a different charms to what we normally show through Super Junior. Through ballads, we hope to touch hearts.” Super Junior-K.R.Y on the completion of their 1st korean concert

“This is already my third time watching ‘Tears of Heaven.’ This is the first time I’ve ever watched one production so many times, but I fall deeper into its charms each time.” - T-ara's Hyomin


"The toilet was clogged one day and we fought over the fact that no one unclogged it." - Infinite's Sungjong

I bought a handgun which has the same weight and feeling like in the drama." "I had practiced (it) diligently, but when I entered the real filming, I didn't use handgun but a (long-barreled) rifle" - Choi Siwon on his extraordinary effort to transform as an actor.

"LOL @alexander_0729 Hey, son, I didn't know you'd advertised for a PopCorn company? Wow! Lovin it! (@LARA0501) - Anthony Eusebio

Omona is not your personal blog-pimping place, so please do not submit posts advertising your own blog. - yuukihitohira

Q: what do you usually have in your bag?
A: ipad, diary, ipod, batteries, charger, toothbrush, hand cream

“There are no benefits in releasing an album when Bigbang releases its album. We are planning on postponing the debut date to after March”. - "A spokesperson from an agency"


“I won’t be creating artists who will copy Eminem, but artists who will give as much musical and social influence as Eminem. The industry has yet to see an artist who has correctly utilized the strongest point about rap, which is delivering messages to the listeners. I believe now is the time carry out a new venture in the already difficult Korean music industry.” - Cho PD on creating his seven-member hip hop group, “Block B”

“I want to try acting in a drama like T.O.P-hyung. I want to shoot a cool kiss scene like the ‘candy kiss’ that Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee shot during ‘IRIS‘.” - Seungri

In order to succeed over my past mistakes and faults, I have been working hard with a new agency, and I am doing my best in my activities with new resolutions. - Jay Park

“My singer / stage name is U-Know Yunho, and it stands for ‘you know me and I know you’. To tell you the truth, I thought of the name from an online game I used to play - Yunho

“I thought Ha Ji Won senior would be scary, but she’s very innocent and nice. She’s cute, and also has a lot of aegyo.” -Yoo In Na

"To be honest, when you get to promote overseas, you become very envious of Hallyu stars like TVXQ." - Kan Mi Youn

“K-dramas can appear simplistic and downright campy to an American viewer, but they’re also fascinating and weirdly comfortable in a ‘movie-of-the-week’ kind of way. They’re also not afraid to whack you over the head with an important moral lesson or social critique.” - Entertainment Weekly

“He’s really an angelic person. Thank you so much for coming tonight.” - Kyuhyun and Yesung about Ryeowook

“We just came back from Vivienne Tam’s show! It was beautiful!- As always, we had so much fun!” - Wonder Girls @ NYC Fashion Week


“Only CEO Yang knows of the meaning behind that message. We didn’t even know he uploaded an entry like that onto the blog.” - A representative

Back by popular demand it's

“Lee Joon is not supporting rapists, he is simply making a statement for the sake of the debate.” - Netizen

“Seeing that the guy is posing with her from the side proves that they weren’t anything other than just friends.” -delusional IU stan Netizen

“Remembering the big pizza, I guess BoA likes big sizes.” - Obviously a perverted Netizen

“what to do… sorry i couldn’t protect you, infinite” - Netizen powerless against bad photoshop.

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