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This is a DNT post, aka get your tissues ready for bad and good news

"Hello this is Orange Entertainment.
We're terrible sorry to be revealing unfortunate news once again.
In December, with the end of "Knock Knock" promotions, Dongwook and Karin will be preparing to fulfill their military service duties.
In 2011 we expect to release a new album along with a new member.*
We are also saddened for this to happen, however the situation is inevitable.
For the remaining period of promotions and through future military obligations please continue to give your support and continue to love DNT as it is now."

*T/N: It's unclear if there will be more than one member.

They are expected to leave sometime this month, although a date hasn't been released. As of 2/8, Karin still had a full head of hair and his last tweet was 2/12. Dongwook's last tweet was 1/22.

KpopLIVE sat down (virtually, that is,) with idol group DNT on the 9th of February and asked them questions from you!

DNT, short for Dragon’n'Tiger were kind enough to hold an interview with KpopLIVE and answer some questions that their fans sent in to us! Questions were picked at random, so we apologize if your question wasn’t answered, but you can be sure this isn’t the last interview we’ll be doing with the boys of DNT!

Waiting anxiously at our desk for the moment to arrive, members Junyong, Taerang, and Jungjo finally came into the chat room. With two members shy due to them preparing for the military (Karin and Dongwook), the interview with DNT went as followed:

KPL: Hey guys!

DNT: Hello ^^

KPL: Thank you so much for doing this interview.

DNT: You’re welcome~

KPL: First off I want to ask how everyone is today? How was your Lunar New Year?

DNT: We’re good. We spent the Lunar New Year well.

KPL: I heard it’s been really cold in Korea lately, right? Lets hope it warms up soon. ^^

DNT: The weather is getting better. It snowed a lot this year.

KPL: So we know that members Karin and Dongwook are currently preparing for the military. Many fans wanted me to wish them good luck and hope they return safely.

DNT: They’re both healthy guys so I’m sure they’ll come back safely.

KPL: Your manager told me that you’re all training a lot lately. How have you been training?

DNT: We’re planning on debuting in Japan soon so we’ve been training our vocal and dancing skills. We’re also studying Japanese.

KPL: Oh wow, many kpop idols have been training for Japan lately. Good luck to all of you!

DNT: Thank you!

KPL: I’ve been wondering, does DNT have a name for their fanclub?

DNT: It’s DAY. It stands for “DNT And You.” It’s also the name of one of the tracks on our first single album.

KPL: Does your fanclub have a color?

DNT: It’s pearl chocolate. It’s a twinkling (or shining) chocolate color. ^^

KPL: We asked fans to send us questions for you guys to answer and we got so so many people sending in their questions. Can DNT answer some of them for your fans?

DNT: Of course~

“Who do you consider the most ‘unique’ in the group?” - Jessica Simons, Netherlands

Junyong: I’m the most unique. Just kidding!

“Who are your ideal types?” – Sammy Feng, Las Vegas

Junyong: A girl with big eyes like a cat.

Taerang: A girl who can sing.

Jungjo: A cute girl.

“What is one interesting habit for each of the members?” - Naree, California USA

Junyong: I have a habit of looking at myself in the mirror.

Taerang: I touch my hair a lot.

Jungjo: I occasionally clean up messy places.

“Who do you think has a tiger personality?” – Abegail, Philippines

DNT: Junyong, our leader, has a tiger personality. He’s very competitive when it comes to dance and when he teaches the members the choreography he becomes scary like a tiger. He was a dancer before DNT so he makes the choreography.

Soon after this question, DNT informed us that they had to leave for Japanese lessons, so we squeezed in one question everyone has been asking.

KPL: When is DNT planning to debut again in Korea?

DNT: After we’re done with everything in Japan we’re planning on making a comeback in Korea. We don’t know our schedule for Japan so we don’t know when we’ll be making a comeback.

KPL: Thanks so much for interview. Goodbye and good luck!

DNT: Thanks!! Bye~~//

Before they held the interview with KpopLIVE, they also recording a greeting to all you KPL’ers out there and we subbed it for you! Check it out below:

I'm really excited about their Japanese debut and seeing what they'll come up with, but completely heartbroken about Dongwook and Karin. T_T

SOURCE: DNT Offical Fancafe, DNT Forums, Dongwook's Twitter, Karin's Twitter, KpopLIVE, WhimsicalKimbap@YT

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