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ajumma is now pretending to be hyemi so she can get jingook&samdong

The judgement that actress/broadcaster Ahn Sun Young looks the same as miss A’s Suzy was recently revealed. For those of you who may not recognize her name, Ahn Sun Young is currently acting alongside Suzy on KBS 2TV’s “Dream High” as Mr. Kang’s sister. She also made headlines recently because of her kiss scene with 2PM’s Chansung.

On February 19th, Ahn Sun Young tweeted, “Suzy, sorry… hehehe” and uploaded an amusing picture.

The picture was from a smartphone application that finds one’s look-alike. After uploading her own picture onto the application, Ahn Sun Young received the reply, “Is there a chance that this celebrity is you?” Her lookalike was declared to be miss A’s Suzy, with the results coming out to be a rare 100%!

Ahn Sun Young expressed her feelings of sorrow to Suzy.

Netizens commented with amusement, “Teacher, congratulations,” and “You probably are feeling good.”

What do you think? Do they look the same to you?

i personally think that suzy is yoon eun hye's mini me. i love this cast so much and i'm so sad, dream high has only two more weeks/three episodes to go, i'll miss this drama and this cast so much ;-;
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