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All B2uties Will Be Broke by March

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“With the large number of Hallyu debuts announced in Japan, including that of Korean pop group MBLAQ, pop fans all over the world are bracing themselves for impact. B2ST is about to make their much-anticipated Japanese debut, and why not with an appropriately titled debut single? ”SHOCK“, a remake of the title track from their second Korean mini-album, is set to hit shelves on March 23rd, paving the way for their Japanese career.

B2ST will be joining the likes of fellow boy bands Choshinsei and Tohoshinki, and they’re expected to charm a large number of Japanese fans with their impressive dance routines, good looks, and catchy melodies.

The debut single will come in four versions, three of which are of limited edition:

> ‘Limited Edition A’

- Box, T-Shirt, Sticker

> ‘Limited Edition B’
- +DVD (“SHOCK” PV Japanese Ver.)

> ‘Limited Edition C’
- +DVD (Live performances)

> ‘Normal Edition D’
- Trading Card

B2ST will also be releasing a 2-disc DVD, “Genesis of BEAST“, to be released on March 2nd. It will contain music videos and rare footage of the boys; meanwhile, the ‘limited edition’ will contain a special 8-page postcard set and a trading card.

Source: allkpop
Just add a concert dvd to that and I can die happily
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