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IU, Jiyeon, Yoo In Na, Kahi and Noh Sa Yeon’s half-makeup faces revealed

IU, Jiyeon, Yoo In Na, Kahi and Noh Sa Yeon’s half-makeup faces were finally revealed on the latest episode of SBS ‘Heroes‘.

Airing on February 20th, the members who lost the mission to ‘become the perfect hotelier’ were punished by only getting makeup done on half of their faces. After getting their ‘lacking’ makeups, the losing members turned away from the camera, disappointed by their harsh punishment.

MC Lee Hwi Jae revealed his deep dark circle after getting ‘half makeup’, and Jiyeon shocked everyone by showing the size difference between her makeup-free eye and her makeup-on eye.

Yoo In Na appeared in sunglasses, and attempted to cover her makeup-free face with her hair. After revealing her face, she gained lots of suspicion for her normal looking face, with everyone questioning if she really did remove half of her makeup.

Kahi revealed her ‘honey skin’, not looking any difference except for the length of her eyelashes.

IU appeared late on the episode, due to her “Dream High” filming. Even while getting her makeup done, she laughed at her face and said “I’m just sorry to the fans“.

She finally appeared in front of the members and laughed at her own face that was captured on the camera monitor.

To get back at the members who won the mission, the losing team announced the next punishment to be ‘getting half makeup in ballerina clothes’.

source: akp, nate, pilsuk

maybe I'm just used to eye make-up, but I wasn't surprised by any of their "transformations".... I want to know all their skincare secrets, though.

Tags: after school, iu, t-ara, tv shows

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