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Dara: "Dog poop comes to the 2NE1 waiting room! Sometimes, if it's a day where were both have a broadcast, I always head to Dog poop's waiting room. However!!! Yesterday, for the first time after debut! Shy Dog poop came to our waiting room! We were surprised and happy ke When he came, he greeted everyone and then we took a picture with Bom-noona, CL and his dongseng Mingki!^.^ So warm! So friendly!"

Dara: "Wha~!!!^.^ We finished our performance!!! Clap clap clap! Having a performance after so long, and despite the cold weather, several Lackjacks came for us, so I was so thankful and excited! +.+ I was happy to be able to see your faces so up close and place with you ke ke It's been long since I've felt this! Kyak! Everyone please go home safely and when you get home, send me a text!^^/ Bye~"

Dara: "Throwing out a pic of Doong for the A+s~!!!^^ Today we did a performance but next to us, our A+ friends also had fun watching us, and sang our songs with us and danced along to us too. So friendly! So warm! Kya~ As expected, you guys know how to enjoy yourselves! This picture is a picture I took when I went to go play with him at the first broadcast for this album! Perfect body Dog poop ke ke"

[SCANS] Choi Brothers - 2010 YG Family Concert Photobook~


Program: 2010 YG Family Concert in Seoul
Scheduled broadcast: March 27, 2011
Time: 9:30 - 11:30 PM
(Still subject to change)

SEUNGRI's Me2day Update!

Seungri: “Please enjoy BIGSHOW with BIGBANG’s Las Vegas boy, Seungri^^”
TAGS: hard practice, best stage, 2 and a half years, VIP, diet, chin, genuine, dot, Seungri

3 Months pregnant with YGbaby #4, JUNG HYE YOUNG for Marie Claire Magazine!

----biggest YG Family post yet?.....compiling these...OTL codes/ bleh :P

Sources: Dara's Me2day,,,TBS,Seungri's Me2day,bigbangupdates,
Tags: 2ne1, big bang, mblaq, se7en, yg entertainment

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