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International Fandom Loves Them Some Eric

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On February 20th Shinhwa member, actor and singer Eric (real name Mun Jung Hyeok) held his fanmeeting and birthday party at Yonsei University Hall.

Eric fanmeeting titled "HELLO AGAIN" received the support of his international fan base, sending many Rice Banners.

Among the many flower and rice banners cheering for Eric were from countries such as, United States, Canada, China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong.

10 countries including Taiwan who sent a total of 816kg. The 816kg of rice will be donated to children in need on behalf of Eric and the fans.

Eric who was in hiatus for 2 years due to military service, showed his power ticketing when 1,700 tickets were sold out in less than 10 minutes.

Also, Eric will make his first comeback with SBS drama "Poseidon" which will air in May. Eric will also held another fanmeeting in Taiwan in the month of April.

Rice banners send to Eric to congratulate him on his birthday were: UB Japan, UB Korea, Eric-Mun Thailand, Love-Ric China, My Shinhwa Malaysia, My Love My Hero Eric Hong Kong, United States/Canada Shinhwa.biz, Feveric TAiwan, Falling Eric China, Brunei Fans Forever with Eric, Puruse Syndrome Japan, Da Capo Shinhwa Fan Page, SIX AND THE CITY, Six Senses, The Eric, DC Mun Jung Hyeok, DC Shinhwa, Orangeblood.com and many more.

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Source: Rubylovefaith@shinhwa.biz

International Love. ♥

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