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mrs johnny johnny

hater bitches just can't handle perfection.

Netizens have been critiquing Suzy and her body in a particularly negative light.

People are pointing out that she has gained weight after joining “Dream High“. Because of a few comparison photos, they say that she was thinner while she was working with miss A for promotions.

Still, opinions remained divided. Some wrote, “I think Suzy gained weight”, while others asserted that “It’s just the angle of the camera.”

“Dream High’s” representative stated, “Suzy has been working very hard and she’s eating all her meals as well as healthy foods. She’s gained a tiny bit of weight and went up one size in her school uniform.”

don't people known that chipmunks store food for the winter? she obviously gained weight, but not like some haters out there are making it to be, she is nowhere fat. also i feel like i'll start a campaign for a suzy tag pretty soon :P
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Tags: body image, miss a, suzy

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