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ZE:A parodies girl group songs, remains cute as buttons.

On February 20th, ZE:A finally held their first ever fan meeting, “Happy ZE:A’s Day“, at the Melon AX Hall and presented a shocking visual performance of popular girl group dances for their fans to enjoy.

While wearing an assortment of Tinker Bell outfits, members Kwanghee, Siwan, Minwoo, and Heechul electrified the house by delivering hilarious parodies of Orange Caramel’s “Magic Girl,” Jewelry’s “Back It Up”, miss A’s”Bad Girl Good Girl“, and T-ara’s “Yayaya“.

Kwanghee, who’s becoming quite popular for his ‘kkab dances’ on variety programs lately, included a special ‘ZE:A feel’ to each of the dances, delighting the fans even further.

Other performances included leader Junyoung and Hyungshik’s Fly to the Sky cover of “Confinement“, and a hip hop medley.

Having successfully completed their fan meeting, the boys are now preparing for their comeback album, which is currently scheduled for mid-March.

If anyone wants to spoil it and listen to one of the new tracks ZE:A performed, it's right HERE~

Sources: Allkpop+Osen via. Daum+fuckyeahempirekids+arashisukiii3
Tags: cross-dressing / gender-bending, ze:a

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