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YG has been listening to your prayers, Daesung to reveal solo track at Big Show From SOLO ALBUM

Big Bang’s Daesung to reveal new solo track at “Big Show” concert

Big Bang’s Daesung will be revealing his new solo track at the group’s comeback concert!

On February 21st, representatives of YG Entertainment spoke with Star News and revealed, “Daesung will be revealing his solo track for the very first time at the ‘Big Show‘ concert scheduled later this month. He’s been working on his solo album consistently for quite some time now, and this particular song will be included in the album as well.”

They continued, “We haven’t finalized details about the album’s release yet, but fans can look forward to the release of his solo album sometime after Big Bang’s promotions end.”

Their “Big Show” concert will be held from February 25th through the 27th, following Big Bang’s album release on the 24th.

Source: Star News via Daum/allkpop
Image: YG Entertainment

Daesung solo album BOUT FUCKING TIME
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