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Perfect B2ST shares their pre-debut experiences and thoughts on being called a ‘recycled group’

On February 19th, the members of B2ST guested on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay“, and were interviewed about both their pre-debut and post-debut experiences.

When asked by the reporter on how they came up with their name, Yoseob replied, “Before our debut, a foreign dance instructor came to visit and saw us dance. At the time, he exclaimed, ‘So~ Beast!’ The meaning of the word means that it’s ‘cool’ or ‘amazing.’”
“Do you remember October 16th, 2009?” the reporter asked. Junhyung said, “Yes, we were all very nervous. We had rehearsed so much that our conditions weren’t the best. Yoseob was really upset about going off key a tiny bit, but to our ears, we couldn’t tell.”
Yoseob added, “Yes, I cried a lot…”

Kikwang continued, “To me, it was an opportunity for me to do better.”

The members are also known for their rich experiences prior to forming B2ST; Doojoon was with JYP Entertainment’s “Hot Blood“, Junhyung was part of boy band XING, Kikwang had a solo career as AJ, and Hyunseung was with Big Bang.

Unfortunately, their old nickname – ‘recycled group’ – surfaced during the interview. Doojoon reflected, “I was really mad, but… It’s the truth, what can I say? To me, the word ‘recycle’ didn’t make me feel that bad.”

Dongwoon continued, “Because either way, we were recycled and are now B2ST.. but we were most worried about our fans being hurt by it.

A year later, they overcame all obstacles and took home their first music program win. They exclaimed, “We cried a lot, more than you could imagine. There was a nice weight to the trophy..”

When asked to pick a member who ‘improved’ the most looks-wise, Kikwang chose himself and explained, “I used to live in Yongsanpo… but living in Seoul now, I really do think I’ve improved in my looks.”

Check out Yoseob’s ‘10 level high notes,’ Junhyung’s rap, Hyunsenug and Kikwang’s ‘American dance,’ Dongwoon’s SECRET imitation, and their sweet a capella below!


Yoseob WOULD do something IU-related...
My perfect and beautiful bbs ;_; ♥

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