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How Infinite got their nicknames (interview with TV Daily)

In an industry flooded with idol groups, it’s become increasingly difficult to remember which member belongs where unless one is a fan of that specific group.  INFINITE has done remarkably well for a rookie group so far, but their comeback still needs that extra push to catapult them into superstardom.

Considering the overall level of perfection found in their comeback track, “Before the Dawn“, one would assume that the song would do better on the charts.  In an interview with TV Daily, the reporter joked to INFINITE that “the song would have won #1 on music programs if it was performed by another popular artist.

INFINITE coolly replied, “We talk about that a lot too.  It’s been six months since our debut, and our comeback album’s been released now for a little over a month. Winning #1 is something our CEO must worry over (laughter).  All we have to do is focus on the stage.  We’ve certainly grown a lot in our mentality, and even matured from boys into men.  There’s still some disappointment left, but whenever we feel that, we try to go back to how we felt when we first debuted.”


The boys mentioned in a previous interview that they would be able to move into a larger dorm if they got into the ‘Top 10′ on a music program.  Unfortunately, they’re still short of that goal. However, it didn’t hinder them from being able to enjoy the smaller victories. The boys revealed, “One time, we went up three ranks and started screaming in the waiting room out of pure joy once we found out.”

It’s unusual for rookie groups to carry personal cell phones, but the INFINITE members all own one. They explained, “Each of the members have a different style.  It’s harder to control us without cell phones.  We once got them taken away for three days, but they eventually gave them back.”

In order to give them that extra push in public recognition, the members were asked to describe a personal charm about themselves.

Leader Sungkyu is known as ‘Honey Sungkyu’, a nickname bestowed upon him by his fans to describe his honey-sweet voice.  Woohyun is ‘bolmae‘, a Korean slang term that usually means ‘a person who is more charming by the day‘. In Woohyun’s case, however, the meaning was changed to ‘a person you want to hit more and more by the day‘.  Woohyun explained, “You have to see me at least four times to really get a feel of who I am.”

Dongwoo is ‘Smile Man’ for his wide smile, which may be surprising for some since he’s known for his cold, expressionless features. All that changes when he grins, and he’s said to look quite innocent and sincere. Hoya, who’s known as the powerful rapper of the group, is ‘all man,’ meaning he looks like a man through and through.

Sungyeol nicknamed himself as ‘elementary boy’, as the members confirmed, “He talks and acts like a little kid.”

L is known as the quiet one, but but melts fans whenever he smiles with his eyes, which earned him the nickname ‘cold city man.’  Maknae Sungjong is unmistakably known as ’beautiful man.’ But being beautiful doesn’t mean that he’s shallow; the members joked that he was kind-hearted enough to make friends with even ghosts.

The boys of INFINITE concluded, “The charm of INFINITE is that each of the seven members have their own clear and unique tastes. But we’re also like a combined set of presents.  If you fall for one member, we’re sure you’ll fall for the rest of us. It’d be so nice if fans fought over who they liked more (laughter).  If we continue to think preciously of our fans and work hard to improve ourselves, maybe someday people will remember us.”

Source + Photos: TV Daily via Daum , allkpop

Cracking up on Woohyun's special meaning for Bolmae LOL
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