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Kara's Alien member does something good for once, and the girls to stay in Japan forever

Despite the seemingly endless battle between the three members of KARA (Han Seungyeon, Jung Nicole, Kang Ji Young) and DSP Media, it looks like KARA fans have a positive indication that the friendships between members haven’t changed significantly, thanks to a statement making change in display picture on Hara’s official Twitter.

On the evening of February 21st, Hara recently changed her Twitter display picture from an individual picture of herself posing for the camera to a heartwarming group hug photo, which was taken by a news reporter from when they won an award for the group’s 2010 hit track, “Lupin“.

She hasn’t tweeted since January 14th, presumably due to the internal strife, but the changing of the photo certainly has significance in itself.
HAra's tweeter+AKP

KARA was recently revealed to be staying in Japan for another 20 days in order to fulfill their Japanese schedules amidst their ongoing lawsuit.

On February 21st, a representative of the girls commented that all five members will be staying in Japan until March 10th. Seungyeon left for Japan a day earlier than the rest on February 16th, followed by the remaining members on the 17th.

The girls decided to prolong their stay in order to wrap up their TV Tokyo drama, “URAKARA.”

Tae Jin Ah, president of the KSA, recently predicted successful arbitration between the trio and DSP Media as well.
Star News+AKP

Nevermind, I still want to watch Hara while she's on fire.
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