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Shinhwa and Their Sons Teen Top

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Idol group Teen Top attended Eric’s birthday party on behalf of Andy who’s currently serving his military duties.

At Eric’s birthday fanmeeting held on 20 Feb, Teen Top amused the Shinhwa members with their special entrance.

Teen Top maknae Ricky made his way on stage wearing an Andy mask and doing Andy’s trademark heart dance, to the cheers of Eric, Kim Dongwan, Lee Minwoo and 2,000 fans present at the fanmeeting.

In addition, Teen Top also presented a birthday gift to Eric, which was a photo frame with photos from Eric’s debut days, and they topped that off with their version of the ‘Eusha Eusha’ dance.

Having witnessed the extraordinary friendship of the Shinhwa members, Teen Top said, “Like the Shinhwa seniors, we will work hard to maintain our friendship and work hard in our activities.”

Eric then commented, “Although I’ve been watchin them since the time they were preparing for their debut, looking at them grow and develop day by day, you feel more and more affection for them.”

Kim Dongwan added, “They’re doing really well now, and I’m jealous that Andy seems to love only Teen Top now”, while Lee Minwoo said, “I’ve only seen them on TV and now they’re here. If they work hard at developing themselves in all aspects they can become like Shinhwa too.”

On 21 Feb, Teen Top posted photos on their official Twitter and me2day pages, commenting, “We’ve come back from Eric-hyung’s birthday party. How are the photos that Minwoo-hyung took for us?”

Teen Top is now in the midst of promoting the remix version of ‘Supa Luv’.

Sources: Teen Top's Twitter, Newsen, and absolutshinhwa

Lol at Dongwan being jealous of Andy's love for Teen Top. I want to see more of the Shinhwa and Teen Top relationship.
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