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Secret will wrap up "Shy Boy" promotions next week

Four-member girl group Secret, who have currently been enjoying a peak of popularity with their song "Shy Boy," will be ending their activities next week. Their agency, TS Entertainment, said on February 22nd, "This will be Secret's last week of promotion for 'Shy Boy' on music programs."

On KBS Music Bank's February 18th episode, Secret won the K-Chart award for "Shy Boy," marking it the third week in a row they came in first place. On SBS Inkigayo's February 20th episode, Secret also won their first Mutizen award for "Shy Boy," showing the girls' growing popularity.

Secret first made their comeback on January 6th on M! Countdown and won their first ever award since their debut the following week. "Shy Boy" is still continuing strong on the charts despite the group ending promotions. Usually, songs lose popularity on the charts over time, especially towards the end of promotions. However, "Shy Boy" is continuing to show growth in popularity.

An agency official from TS Entertainment said, "We could choose to continue promotions, however it would mean more if Secret stepped down now. For the time being, the members will focus on individual activities and they will introduce new songs as early as April."

Source: Koreaboo, E-Daily
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