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give it to me raw

Seoul's real one and only baddest female might be coming back.

Fans of sexy singer Lexy can finally hope for a comeback after she had left an inspiring message on her minihompy recently.

The singer began her message with, “Two years. After the occurrence of so many things, I’m here after walking through that dark tunnel. I’m alive.

She continued, “I had sudden thoughts like, my face in general just isn’t feminine, thats why I was more popular amongst girls. That’s why I need to put on red lipstick in order to make myself feel more feminine.

Lately, I’m working to finish the organization of my thoughts. I try to look at myself objectively, and even try to think of myself as a gift. It’s the real start now. I want to tell myself that. There are now things to do for me and myself.

You hung on there well. You overcame it well. I’m thankful. I’m hopeful for the new year. How much will they like me on stage, how much will I let go of myself.

Lexy concluded, “To all those people I love, to all those people who hurt, 2011 will really be a good year.

The singer debuted in the music industry back in 2003, but put a sudden stop to her activities since March of 2008, leaving many curious about her whereabouts. Fans left hopeful comments like, “Please comeback quickly”, “I miss you”, “I’ll be waiting”, and “Let’s leap forward again.

Tags: rumour

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