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Soulful Hwanhee Features On Gifted Newcomer IM's Debut Song

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Veteran pop star Hwanhee has stepped in to support rookie singer, IM.

Hwan Hee participated in the production of IM’s debut song “Why Love”, which was revealed through various online music sites on February 22nd.

IM and Hwanhee share a special relationship, as they both shared the same practice room. Approving of her skills and vocal talent, Hwanhee took the initiative to take the trainee under his wing, and gave her personal vocal lessons on tone, emotion, and much more.

“Why Love” is an R&B song produced by composer Rhee-Jaye, which expresses the pain of a break up through IM’s powerful vocals, and is bolstered by the addition of strings and piano. The singer, who trained for five years to reach her debut, is sure to astound her listeners with this gorgeous new song.

Netizens also approved of the debut track, as they complimented, “The beautiful video fits the sad melody so well,” “Rookie singer IM and Hwanhee’s voices are heavenly harmonious”, and “It’s this winter’s last sad ballad”.

Check out the song and music video drama below:

Why Love

Why Love MV

Why Love Drama Version Part 1

Why Love Drama Version Part 2

Sources: allkpop, TheFredoommk@YouTube.com, and Sports News via Nate
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