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Fans of late actress Lee Eun-joo come together to pay respects on the 6th anniversary of her death

Fan's of late actress Lee Eun-joo arranged a memorial in commemoration of her death 6 years ago.

They are going to gather in the Kyeonggido Goyang-si Cheong-ah Park where she is resting, on the 22nd at 2PM.

Later there will be a dinner meeting with the fans and the members of her past company, Namoo Actors.

Lee Eun-joo's mother is also expected to be attending.

One of the members of a fan club that is helping to arrange this event said, "We hold a memorial for Lee Eun-joo every year but this year her mother is to be with us so we think this year is especially special for the fans".

Lee Eun-joo made her debut in the 1999 SBS drama "KAIST" and has been loved by fans for movies, "Bungee Jumping of their Own", "Lover's Concerto", "Taegukgi" and more.

She caused fans sadness by committing suicide in her own home, provoked by depression in February 2005.

Source: movie.daum.net
Translation: Hancinema

She was only 24 when she committed suicide by hanging and slitting her wrists, people think that her depression was caused by her role in "The Scarlet Letter" in which she played a mistress to a police officer and I'm assuming she was heavily slutshamed for that role. To be quite honest, you see more nudity from the leading man than from her.
But anyway, I hope she continues to rest in peace and people will learn from her death.
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