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Henry, Harry Pottoh and SuJu's pick up lines


→ it buffers a little, so there may be missing parts, I am unsure of that. As soon as I get ahold of a full video, I will edit the transcript in case some parts are missing. ^^ I hope I didn’t forget anything, also excuse me if there are typos~ this is one big messy video! I was going to ask help and have it subbed, but there isn’t a decent video yet.

Legend: [] captions, () notes, tn. translator’s note
LSG (Lee Seunggi), KHD (Kang Hodong)

Translated by. GAIA @pastakyu ㅡ SJ-WORLD.NET
If taking out, please have some respect and include the credits. it’s easy.
[The genius magnae of Super Junior has appeared]

LSG: A global handsome man persuading Asia. Super Junior M’s magnae, Henry!

[Super Junior M Henry: Korean-style English is difficult]
[Global unit Super Junior M's magnae Henry!]

LSG: Which foreign country do you come from?
Henry: Ah yes, my mom is Taiwanese and my dad is from Hong Kong.

[Global audition selection: a musical genius from violin to piano, child prodigy]

Eunhyuk: In Asia there’s Super Junior M, and Henry is a members who does activities with us within that!

[Member of Super Junior M the Chinese global unit!]

LSG: Anyway, Henry ssi, how long has it been since you came to Korea?
Henry: It’s been three years.
LSG: Three years! What was the hardest thing for you to do at the beginning?
Henry: Even if it’s English, when Korean people speak those English words, the pronunciation is a bit different. So when I hear them, it’s that.
LSG: Wait a moment, we’re talking about English, please pay some attention!

[When English pop ups, Hodong is scared]

Henry: (tn. I think he asked if they know Potter? Using the Korean pronunciation which is “Haeri Poto”) Harry Potter!

[The movie Harry Potter!]

LSG: Harry Potter! Oh!

[I saw it too but..]

LSG: With its original pronunciation~?
Henry: Harry Potter! (tn. Perfect English pronunciation)


Henry: There is that Harry Potter main heroine appearing in it..
LSG: Hermione! (tn. Pronounced as “Hermioneu”)
Henry: Oh, that’s not it~!

(tn. Henry crushes the Harry Potter world for Koreans, everybody starts talking at the same time!)

Shindong: We watched the movie, so we talked about Hermione (tn. Korean pronunciation), but Henry kept not understanding what we were saying, and we said it’s about Hermione, and he was like “Aaaaah, it’sㅡ”
Henry: Hermione~ Hermione. Hermione! (tn. Perfect pronunciation)
KHD: It’s not!
Henry: It is!

(tn. Uproar in the studio~)

KHD: It’s Hermione, you have to say Hermione! (tn. Korean pronunciation)
Tim: You’re wrong. It’s Hermione.
KHD: What did you say?
Henry & Tim: Hermione!

[Tim too comes from America!]

KHD: These two people are both wrong!!!


(Tim talks about the pronunciation of the name Whitney Houston and how Koreans say it totally differently, “Winnie”. He also talks about how he had trouble with certain words when he first came to Korea. He said he lived in a neighbourhood with nice people, but that he kept hearing them say “18″ while ranting, so he called his mother and asked her what “18″ means, and she yelled at him “HEY YOU RASCAL, PRAY!!” ㅡ (tn. 18, the way you pronounce it in Korean, is close to the way a real bad curse word sounds))


KHD: Henry, when was it harder on you because of English?
Henry: Well, when ordering food~
LSG: When you went for a hamburger too??
Henry: Ha-ham.. what?
Tim: Hamburger, when you were ordering a hamburger!

[The universal language, body language?]

KHD: Hamburger, hamburger!

[Hodong language~ pig neck meat hamburger]

Henry: Well I wouldn’t order separately like this, it was too difficult, I would just say straigh away “Please give me one SET!”, like this~
KHD: Yeah, but didn’t the Super Junior members teach you words in Korean?

[Super Junior members the Korean teachers?]

Henry: When I first came to Korea, being a foreigner when I’d say something in Korean, I’d come off as one lacking manners..

(tn1. They laugh because a person who has no manners gets indeed called with the word he used, but only if the addresser wants to be offensive. Henry was actually supposed to use the normal Korean word for “manner”, which is actually the English one with a Korean pronunciation (매너 maenuh). So he corrects himself right after~ I think somebody helped him with it ^^)

(tn2. Everybody’s talking so I can’t hear what they’re saying, they’re still laughing at his cute ♥)

Henry: I looked as if I lacked manners, a bit cold-hearted, that kind of vibe. And because I really hated that about myself, I asked “Hyung! How could I become a nice person?”, so the hyungs were like “Okay, I’ll tell you everything!”.

[Even if he could speak our language poorly, he wanted to look kind?]

[Suju hyungs teaching our language!]

Henry: So it was like this..

1. Henry: “Hey Henry, what’s your zodiac sign?” ㅡ “Oh, by your side.”
tn. 「play on the word “jari” 」
in which, zodiac sign = 별자리 (byul JARI) ㅡ by your side = 네 옆자리 (ni yeop JARI)

[Sudden shame]

[Taking a rough guess about the Korean teacher...]

2. Henry: Also, “Where are you?” ㅡ “In your heart, exit 2″
tn. Like a subway exit, they’re all cheesy pick-up lines.



3. Henry: “Oh, what would you like to drink?” ㅡ “Ah, your lips.”
tn. 「play on the word “SUL” 」
in which, (alcoholic) drink = 술 (SUL) ㅡ your lips = 네 입술 (ni ipSUL)

[Agh! Sorry Henry~]

[My hyungs taught me...]

Shindong: Aaaaaah I didn’t know this would be spread during broadcast!! I’m sorry, I’m sorry for teaching you!!
KHD: Our Super Junior are really like ShinHwa.

(tn. ShinHwa are the longest running Korean group and they have always been playful and cheesy like Super Junior! ♥)

KHD: This is really grand.

[From ShinHwa to Suju~ the idol world of free spirits!]

KHD: Our Henry ssi has prepared an amazing performance especially for Strong Heart! A big round of applause!

[Genius musical child prodigy Henry, special performance!]

[Cute voice~]

[A global Hallyu Star proficient in 4 languages!]

[Now, a violin performance]

[Henry's stage shakes up Strong Heart~]

[Good command of various instruments]


[Super Junior all around talented idols~]

[Charming voice with a cute face!]


[Henry anticipated Hallyu Star of this generation!]

[On Tuesday night, Henry's earthshaking strong laugh and story]

Translated by. GAIA @pastakyu ㅡ SJ-WORLD.NET
If taking out, please have some respect and include the credits. it’s easy.

Thank you for reading! ^^

CR: video - dblueninja, transcript - GAIA @pastakyuSJ-WORLD.NET via Sup3rjunior.com

I want him to go to every Korean variety show out there.
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