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IU's oppa fans write her a song...

Seoul, Korea — A song of tribute for IU was released.

“The Song For IU,” a touching song by IU’s fans, is heating up the Internet. This song was made by the members of Gathering Of Mid-20s Males Who Want To Meet IU (Aamanjoong) and is rapidly spreading out to various Internet community sites, including IU’s fansite.

This is was written, composed, and arranged by Aamanjoong members Y and P, and is attracting attention with the two members singing and playing the guitar, bass, drums, etc for the song. The guitar solo of the song is homage for Metallica and IU.

The reason this song of tribute is receiving much attention is because of the lyrics full of the love of IU’s fans. The song starts with the lyrics, “IU is greater than you, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer,” comparing IU to legendary bands.

The song continues, “Don’t need heavy metal, LA metal, death metal, fusion jazz, Charlie Parker, hardcore/ In the past, it was Metallica, now it is IU/ Girls like TVXQ, we like IU/ The trend is IU, in the future, IU/ IU forever, IU is the truth.”

Also they express their feeling for IU with the lyrics, “IU, I love you/ IU, I love you today/ IU, I love you now/ IU, I love you forever,” and also sings, “IU, meet me just once/ IU, don’t be scared/ IU, give me your autograph.”

The song received attention and laughter with a message from member Y, “Don’t misunderstand us for we aren’t this violent. Just in case some might misunderstand us, we recorded the song with a sound mind, wrote the lyrics with a sound mind, and arranged the song with a sound mind.”

Netizens said: “It’s a huge hit. We acknowledge their passion for IU.” “They have to be in their 30s. No way could they be in their 20s.” “Great.” “The song is rough but cool. These guys are awesome.”

By Hongsam (

Source: ReviewStar (Original article in Korean) / luv-iu (tumblr)
Photo from ReviewStar DB
Translated by Sung Kyu Chang /


also idk how to feel about this... i think it's creepy but maybe to some people it's cute?
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