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Eric "These days I envy how well idols dance"

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Group Shinhwa singer and actor Eric confessed "These days I am jealous of how well idols dance"

Eric's interview after 2 years and 4 months after serving and release will be broad casted, on February 24 at SBS "Night of TV Entertainment".

The 33 year old handsome Eric made a surprising confession, " Nowadays new idols can dance really well, I am jealous".

He will also talk about his experience during the time working as a public officer at the subway station when there was a chocolate hunt. In addition, he will reveal members of Shinhwa stories, the military release of fellow member Kim Dong Wan and also he will reveal some humiliating stories of himself and Kim Dong Wan overseas fan meetings.

Moreover, he will talk about filming of his new drama "Poseidon".

Sources: Osen and Rubylovefatih@Shinhwa.biz

Don't be jealous Eric. I bet you and the rest of the members of Shinhwa can still get it. XD
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