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Pedobears can play heavy metal + IU photoshoot/video

Singer IU has been enjoying immense popularity, but she’s been the reigning princess amongst a particular Korean demographic of 18-30 male fans, also known as the “uncle fans“. In an interview, she guessed that it was probably her cute, “girl next door image” that started the craze.

We’ve recently come across a special song created and mixed by these IU devotees, which seems to best embody their obsession with IU. This Metallica-inspired theme song carrie intense guitar riffs, rockin’ drums, and a hysterical chorus where they scream “IU” repeatedly. One line sums it up the best: “Women like TVXQ, we like IU!”

The lyrics read:

Metallica!! Megadeth!! Anthrax!! Slayer!! IU is greater than you!!

Heavy metal!! LA metal!! Death metal!! Fusion jazz!! Charlie Parker!! Hardcore!! We don’t need that!!

In the past it was Metallica! Now it’s IU! Girls like TVXQ! We like IU!!

The trend is IU!! In the future IU!! IU forever!! IU is the truth!!

IU!!!!!!!! I love you!! IU!!!!!!!! I love you today!! IU!!!!!!!! I love you now!! IU!!!!!!!! I love you forever!!


IU!!!!!!!! Meet me just once!! IU!!!!!!!!Don’t be scared!! IU!!!!!!!! Give me your autograph!

IU!!!!!!!! x10

source: akp, review star, stillrocker

source: fyiheartu, luv-iu, lecoqsportif

Released a while ago but don't think this was ever posted.

'Making of' Alicia CF

source: acrofan

re: uncle fans, why are you like this...
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