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MBLAQ’s new song first performance today, ‘injured’ Mir will join.

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MBLAQ’s Mir who had to stop his activities to undergo a spinal disc surgery will be returning on stage with their new album.

MBLAQ released a repackaged album for their first full album with 13 existing tracks and 3 new songs. The group will make a comeback with their follow-up song on the 24th at Mnet M Countdown.

With all members present together on stage today, a powerful performance is anticipated after having performed with only 4 members previously without Mir.

The production crew said, “Mir showed his will and wanted to stand on stage with the members because it is the first performance for their new song. The staff will take good care of him even with his fighting spirit through his injury”.

Meanwhile, other performers scheduled to appear today includes popular idol Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi), 5 Dolls, IU, Lee Jung, Kan Mi Yeon, Flower, Lee Hyun, G.NA, Infinite, etc.

Bonus clip of Rain teaching his bbs how to be flawless:

I love how much they all admire Rain, yet they're still nervous to be around him lol! :3

Source: News Nate
Translation: Choi Yoori@AbsuloteMBLAQ
Video: Rainrunway29
Tags: comebacks, health, mblaq, rain
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