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Three Fierce Unniers Guested on TVN's TAXI and Visited Their Giant Baby

miss A’s Min, Fei, and Jia recently guested on tvN’s “Taxi“, and they decided to make a surprise visit to their maknae, who was filming for her on-going drama, “Dream High“.

Upon entering the film set, the girls immediately took notice of the freezing weather and exclaimed, “I think we know how much Suzy suffers now.” In order to ‘warm’ up the atmosphere, the girls performed their hit track “Breathe” right then and there!


When asked to comment on the criticisms about Suzy’s acting, the members honestly answered, “Suzy is actually good at acting, but I think it’s because of her awkward facial expressions that caused this issue. We’re helping her with her script-reading every chance we get.”

Min also revealed, “Suzy is the tallest out of us all, but she started wearing insoles first. If Suzy uses one insole, Fei uses two. Then I inevitably have to use three!”

Later, Min made a surprising confession when she revealed, “When I received training in the U.S., I dated an American boy.” Min then described her ex as a cute ‘hip hop style’ boy.

When asked about her previous debut in the U.S, she replied, “At the time, Park Jin Young told me that I ‘didn’t have the face to debut in Korea.’ He said that Americans preferred Asian faces, and that it’d be beneficial for me to debut there. I had to go on a diet while training, and since I love eating, it was difficult. I hid hamburgers in my bag and ate it secretly.”

Check out the rest of their segment on February 24th at 12 AM KST.

Credit: AKP
Source: Nate

Life is cruel ;~; If a girl as tall as Suzy actually wears insoles, Sunny and I would have to use this to walk.

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