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Eric Has Skills

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Shinhwa member Eric's hidden camera video while recording Kan Mi Yeon "Paparazzi" has been released.

Ka Mi Yeon new single song title "Paparazzi" feat. Shinhwa Eric have gain a lot of popularity. Eric's luxurious rap is also a big topic and has received a lot of love from the fans who has missed Eric's voice.

In the video, Eric is in the studio recording the rap parts for song "Paparazzi". In the scene you can hear a 100% Eric's raw and luxurious rap. The video spread in quickly in internet sites.

Netizens who watched the video commented, "Eric is a stylish rapper", "The performances are good, but rapper Eric is the best", "He should have join the MV too", is been a long time fans dont hear Eric's rap, the reaction from fans has been exposed as expected.

Meanwhile, Eric just finished up a large scale fanmeeting which ended with great success. Also, drama "Poseidon is gearing up to start filming again, the drama is expected to be broadcasted sometime this year.

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Sources: Newsen, Rubylovefaith@Shinhwa.biz, and sourcemusictv@YouTube.com
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