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IU finally has her first ~mini-scandal~

IU arrives late for “Dream High” concert, fails to apologize for delays

On February 25th, posts on various internet community boards revealed that IU was an hour late for her performance at the “Dream High” concert. Netizens are furious over the fact that she wasn’t just late – she had also failed to apologize to the audience for her delay.

According to these netizens, the event was put on hold because of IU, which ended with some fans being forced to return home without being able to experience the entire concert line-up. Some of the concertgoers were of a younger age, and so they had to skip the rest of the concert in order to meet their curfews.

When it was discovered that IU did not make an apology, both her attitude and the poor concert organization was put up on the chopping board.

The controversy heated up even more when IU wrote the following message on her me2day after the concert: “I clenched my jaw and ran and ran today, but all that returned was…… Who is this song for? I really don’t know lately.”

On February 25th, representatives of Loen Entertainment spoke with Asia Economy and revealed, “Regarding the delay, we have to discuss the matter with the producers once more. And unlike what was previously reported, the start of the concert was at 9:00 PM, not 8:30 PM. Honestly, we’d like to reveal the event’s cue sheet, but we’ll be releasing a statement after a meeting with the producers.”

Netizens are speculating that IU was running behind because of her jam-packed scheduled, which had IU appear at a game festival for “Alicia” right after her performance on ”M! Countdown” at 7:00 PM.

Numerous other variables also stood in the way of IU being able to get to the “Dream High” concert on time, such as IU being forced to stay on-site for the live broadcast of a program, which made it impossible for her to traverse from Yongsan to Kyoyang on time.

source: akp, Medical News Today via Nate, Asia Economy via Daum, Newsen via Daum

IU’s representatives deny exaggerated reports from “Dream High” concert

With IU’s late arrival for the “Dream High” concert causing a furor on the internet, the marketing team of “Dream High” spoke with Donga News and revealed that the reports were exaggerated.

They stated, “It is true that IU was late, but she was only 20 minutes late, not one or two hours like some reports have stated. We gave notice of the time change to 8:30 PM a few days before the concert, and notified singers to arrive by 9:00 PM, since gagwoman Bae Young Hee would be performing from 8:30 to 9:00 PM. The concert began at 9:20, and IU was only late for 20 minutes.”

They continued, “The reason for the concert time being changed was not because of IU’s other schedules; rather, it was because of her drama filming. IU worked hard on her morning rehearsal, and the internet blew the entire situation out of proportion.”

source: akp, DongA via Nate

IU performs at Alicia's "Alicia Festival"

On February 24th, IU attended NTREEV SOFT’s “Alicia Festival“, held at the eSports Stadium in Yongsan-gu.

After performing her hit tracks, “Good Day” and “The Story Only I Didn’t Know“, IU logged in for a round of “Alicia“, and shared her impressions of the game.

“I’m usually not good with games, but I think ‘Alicia’ is fun and easy to play. You really feel as if you’re riding a horse when you’re playing it. I learned how to horseback ride for the first time through the CF, so I feel a lot of friendly feelings whenever I see horses now,” she revealed.

The young starlet continued, “I’d like to congratulate the server’s opening, and I hope this game brings a lot of joy to people.”

Approximately 160 “Alicia” players were invited to the event, along with 40 different media and industry representatives.

In production for over five years, NTREEV SOFT finally debuted their unique online game, which features a ‘horseback riding’ acting concept to set it apart from other games dominating the market. “Alicia” servers went live starting February 24th at midnight.

source: akp, DailyGame, MK Internet via Nate, oumae14, 2, 3

IU's most recent me2day posts
In the middle of 'Dream High' filming! Now I'm slowly beginning to reach my limits.. for a long long long long~ time I need to hang in there!

뭔가이대로끝내기찜찜한하루ㅜㅜ…졸린데잠이안와요. . 그리고 글과는 상관없는 필숙사진투척 안녕히주무세요~ㅜㅜ
It feels somewhat uncomfortable ending the day like thisㅜㅜ… I'm sleepy but I can't fall asleep. . Also, it has nothing to do with this message but here's a picture of Pilsook Goodnight~ㅜㅜ

오늘 하루정말 이악물고 달렸는데 돌아온건… 누구를 위한 노래일까요 전 요즘 잘 모르겠어요
Today I bit my tongue and just ran, but in return... who am I singing for? Lately, I'm not so sure

source: translation by janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU (1, 2, 3), IU's me2day

IU has always been overly cautious/polite in the past, so she must really be reaching her limit. I wish she hadn't updated her me2day, but IDK, I feel bad for her. :(
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