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This is a Big Bang Post!

[News] SBS releases three new still-cuts of "The Big Bang Show"!

SBS is steadily building hype for their upcoming special program with Big Bang, and its producers have just kicked things up a notch by unveiling three still-cuts from the boys' second recording!

The first recording was held on February 18th amidst 500 fans, and centered around performances of their past hit tracks. The second recording, which was held on the 23rd and was closed off to the public, unveiled performances of their new tracks, "Tonight," "What Is Right," "Cafe," and "Somebody to Love."

For each stage, the boys not only displayed their perfect manners, but they also showed off a variety of different concept outfits which emphasized the group's growth.

The program will also include footage of their "Secret Garden" parody, which was originally an exclusive feature for their three-day "Big Show" concert later on this week.

Source: daum via allkpop

[Vids] TV Entertainment Tonight - Big Bang with previews from "THE BIGBANG SHOW" (110224)


[News] Big Bang Makes Explosive Comeback

They don't call themselves Big Bang for nothing.

The populary five-membered idol group exploded back onto the music scene with a bang on February 24th. It's been two years and three months since their last official release as a group. The newly released mini-album consists of six songs. All six of which are currently taking up the number one to six spots on all the major online music charts in Korea : Melon Chart, Dosirak, Cyworld, Mnet, Bugs, and Soribada.

On Melon Charts, the group's title track "Tonight" is currently at number one followed by "What Is Right", "Somebody To Love", "Hands Up", "Cafe", and "Intro", respectively. Similarly, "Tonight" is number one on the rest of the previously listed charts, while the two to six spots vary between the remaining five songs. The title song can be described as a new sound from the group's previous works, great lyrics set to emotion-stirring melodies. It's powerful while pulling at one's emotions.

Big Bang's fourth mini-album has been a long time coming, but it seems that fans are happy with the end product. Various responses such as "[The music is] so strong and chic" and "Was worth the wait of two years" are popping up on the internet.

Source: kbs via bigbanghaven

[News] Song 'Red Sunset Glow' to be printed in Textbook

New music textbooks for high school students will contain more modern popular songs including idol groups' songs.

"Let's listen to the songs 'Red Sunset Glow' sung by singer Lee Moon Sae and group Big Bang separately, and discuss the different characteristics of music made in different time period." -- this context has been contained in the textbook published by Tae Sung Publishing Company, which is one of the revised music textbooks that had already been distributed to high schools across the country for upcoming new semesters, in the section of "Lesson 6 - Music of Our Age." The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology said on February 23 that three currently revised music textbooks, which had been qualified by the Ministry in July, 2010, contained more popular songs, including songs sung by idol groups who are currently still conducting activities such as Big Bang, to be tailored to current students.

Tae Sung Publishing Company introduces the history of Korean popular songs from the 1920s, when popular songs were born, to the 2000s, when dance music and idol groups were created. It mentions singers such as Yoon Sim Deok, Lee Mi Ja, Sanulrim, and Cho Yong Phil, and then it discusses the music of the song "Red Sunset Glow" while suggesting students compare the original song by Lee Moon Sae made in 1988 and the remake song by Big Bang made in 2008. Another textbook published by Parkyoungsa also has a unit entitled "Our Popular Song" and contains various popular songs such as "Square's Dream" sung by Yoo Young Seok and "Four Season," which has the lyrics beginning, "Even though red and yellow flowers are filling the garden." The other textbook published by Kumsung Publishing Company also includes various songs such as "Arirang Mokdong" by Park Chun Seok and "I Know" by Seo Taiji and Boys.

A person in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology said, "Our music textbooks used to contain classical music or art songs, but those publishing companies have used content concerning popular songs and idol groups for the first time. These days, it has become the trend for textbooks in every subject to try to maximize the learning effect in students by giving them motivation."

Source: kbs via bigbanghaven

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