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All these haters mad because 4minute is so established

The evening leg of Yumi Katsura Bridal March 23rd runway show held in Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan (the city’s famed Sumo Hall) was not just a parade of beautiful designs but also a veritable CUBE fan gathering as 4MINUTE and BEAST came to partake in the show!

Yumi Katsura is a famous Japanese designer known for her extravagant wedding dress designs (check out the girls of 4MINUTE model cute mini dresses below!) Wednesday’s show featured a mix of both more Western wedding dresses, magnificent traditional Japanese designs, and fusion pieces under the title RENAISSANCE JAPAN.

4MINUTE not only showed of their charm modeling, but also gave an energetic performance of Muzik (Japanese ver.) They held a short talk/introduction session, where maknae Sohyun has her unnies beat in the Japanese department. Maknae, as well as Hyuna, are definitely topping the most popular list.

4minute as runway models

4minute performs Muzik

4minute chats with the audience

Lastly they gave an exclusive performance of their upcoming Japan single, WHY. The new single will be released on March 9th and will be the opening theme for Akuto~Juuhanzai Sousa Han, a Japanese detective drama

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