400 Dimensional Alien Lee Gunwoo (nortonamo) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
400 Dimensional Alien Lee Gunwoo

Kim Tae Woo wants a g.o.d. comeback

Along with an H.O.T reunion, could there a possibility of god reunion?

During the broadcast of KBS’s “I Received An Order From a Hero”, Kim Tae Woo came as a guest and performed some of his hit songs.

On this day, Kim Tae Woo stated, “Some songs sound good if one person sings it. However, there are also songs that sound good when the god members’ voices come together.” Upon hearing that, the MCs asked if there is a possibility of a god reunion. Kim Tae Woo replied, “I really want to work together as god again.

He also stated, “There is music that only the god members together can do. Even though we are working separately right now, one day I want to show everyone myself as a god member again.

Source + Picture: Review Star via Yahoo! Korea
cr: akp
vid: 5613love

omg reunion please ;_; think of your son! he'd want this
Tags: kim tae woo

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