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Changmin, Taesoon, and Gusoon unnie preform Orange Carmel!

2AM’s Changmin, comedian Kim Gura, and singer Kim Tae Woo have transformed into Orange Caramel!

Changmin, who has been a big success on KBS 2TV’s “On Your Command, Sir!“, recently uploaded a photo of himself through Twitter with the caption, “Old Caramel!

In the picture, Changmin is seen wearing the ever-popular ‘Magic Girl’ princess outfit with the big ribbon – showing off a playful, funny expression.

After the release of Changmin’s picture, Kim Gura and Kim Tae Woo’s pictures also became publicized. However, according to officials who were at the filming, when the three men danced to Orange Caramel’s “Magic Girl,” the whole studio bursted in a roar of laughter.

Netizens commented, “I’m trying not to laugh, but all I can do is laugh”, “I can’t wait for the episode to air”, and “So I get to see them like this today?

Meanwhile, the public can meet the ‘Orange Caramel’ version of Changmin, Kim Gura, and Kim Tae Woo on February 26th on KBS 2TV’s “National Heroes/On Your Command, Sir!

Source: Daily News via Nate
cr: akp
vid: changminfan96

O-M-G that is not super C-U-T-E
Tags: 2am, drag, kim tae woo, parody, tv shows

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