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Baek Hee stealing Hyemi's man once again

With the success of "Dream High", We Got Married who is currently on the hunt for the next "it" couple may have found the right ones in T-ara Eun Jung & rookie actor Kim Soo Hyun.

We Got Married staff has reported that the two stars have been selected to replace Jo Kwon & Ga-In's spot on the show, after their departure earlier last month.

The staff stated, “Their hard work and good images in Dream High, bring more popularity to the team. 2 young people with successful work, and they got married. WGM will challenge themselves in other sides.”

In regards to when they would begin filming the staff revealed “After Dream High has finished, their schedule is set for next month for the first shooting.”

While Eun Jung and Kim Soo Hyun's characters may not interact much in the show, behind the scenes the two have already bonded over their recent modeling for SPIRS.

Source: Gokpop
Tags: t-ara, tv shows

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