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another post about suzy, her twitter and her pretty self.

miss A’s Suzy has transformed in a chic cartoon character, thanks to her vintage-looking specs.

On February 26th, she tweeted, “Lighting good good~ Do I look like ‘Dr. Slump‘?”. ‘Dr. Slump’ is a cartoon about a robot and its creator, who’s known by his trademark glasses.

Netizens commented about her new style, “You look as cute a cartoon character“, “You look good with glasses“, “Your fresh appearance is very cute“, and “I can’t believe you were able to pull off those giant glasses. You’re a real cutie pie“.

Meanwhile, the idol also revealed the gifts she got from her fans on Valentine’s Day.

On the 27th, Suzy tweeted, “I’m sorry for uploading (the picture) now. My fans sent these for Valentine’s Day!“.

In the picture, she’s seen holding a big colorful box full of chocolates, and she’s raised her hand in a gesture of gratitude.

She also revealed, “The staff and I sat together and ate these. Thank you very, very much”.

Netizens commented, “Give me some chocolate“, “Suzy is cute and so is the box“, and ”So that’s the expression you make when you get chocolates“.

Suzy is currently acting in KBS2TV’s “Dream High“, which is wrapping up on Monday with its last episode!

i can't believe dream high is ending TT___TT. also mods, can suzy have her own tag? she has many individual articles that aren't related to the group.
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