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This post feels like it gets bigger every week. I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect you, Omona.

Once again, U-kiss would like to thank everyone for showing their concern regarding this matter.

If it has cause you inconvenience, we sincerely apologize.
- NH Media on U-kiss' official website

Poll #1711154 NH Media

Were you inconvenienced by NH Media removing Alexander and Kibum from U-Kiss?


Do you accept NH Media's apology?


Will you support the new U-kiss?

2busy washin mah hurr 2curr


Comments using multiple gifs to show the 12 steps of how you have been shaking and crying all week is too much. - finchburg

[OMNTD'S PRAYER LIST] anthonyeusebio, we need you now more than ever!

“It’s awkward for me to talk about my popularity with my own mouth. My goal is just to work hard and receive the fans’ love.” - Yamashita Tomohisa a.k.a. Yamapi a.k.a #deadfisheyes

"Discontent erupted because the regime cut off electricity that had been supplied to them for only a few hours a day, and also they had a hard time putting food on the table due to soaring rice prices," - The North Korean "Source"

"There are still many obstacles to go over. There are many things still to be worked out even with the court ruling in our favor. I hope the public and fans support our cause and help create a more progressive celebrity system." - C-JeS Entertainment's Baek Changjoo

“I used to call you ‘Ah In-ah’ before, but I guess now it’s ‘Ah In-ssi’, how are you? It’s gotten a bit awkward.” - Song Joong Ki on their relationship after their ‘Best Couple Award’ nomination at the 2010 KBS Acting Awards

“I wanted to get closer to the kids, and I always want to talk about a lot of different things while I shower. Honestly, I get nervous when there isn’t someone there. I can’t even sleep at night in case they all run away without me!” - dalmatian's Inati

“This fan meeting is especially meaningful to them, so they wanted to show something special for their fans. They’re all really looking forward to it and are barely able to catch three hours of sleep a day in order to prepare... - Star Empire on ZE:A's upcoming comeback

"It was unbelievable that I woke up” - Dalmatian’s Inati on going into a coma after his 2004 brain aneurysm. Omona prays that his health only improves as time goes by.

A while ago, I saw 4minute at Gimpo airport. I immediately went to them and asked them to take a picture together. However, their manager said I couldn't. - Soccer player Kim Dongsub


“Since I have a lot of singers around me, I’ve seen some who even went into surgery for it. But after the surgery, they comfortably started singing again. So don’t worry too much, and I hope you go to a big hospital and receive a correct diagnosis. Have strength!” - Yang Yoseob comforting a fan diagnosed with a vocal cord nodule

[Quick Culture Class]

“Modern day Koreans like to drink a lot, all at once. Especially in company settings, they drink to get drunk together, instead of enjoying the drinks, which is totally different from how our ancestors drank,” - Lee Sang-hee, former minister of home affairs


“Instead of looking at the money, one should live life as honestly as possible. You should never hurt the feelings of another, because when you achieve honor, money naturally follows.” - BoA’s mother, Sung Young Ja on tvN’s morning talk show, “Brunch,”

At the same time, I don’t think it is advisable for our nation’s fans to be ignorantly appaulding B2ST for refusing to wear kimonos. What would you have done if a Japanese celebrity strongly appealed against wearing a hanbok during a fashion show held in Korea? - B2ST's Dongwoon’s father, Son Il Rak, a professor of hotel management at Cheongju University.

[Surrogate kpop parents]
“Although I’ve been watchin them since the time they were preparing for their debut, looking at them grow and develop day by day, you feel more and more affection for them.” - Shinhwa's Eric

“They’re doing really well now, and I’m jealous that Andy seems to love only Teen Top now” - Kim Dongwan feeling left out since the new bbz came

[Umma said knock you out!♪ ♫]

“This was an accident on Inati’s part and Drama was hurt but it was not a serious injury“. - Agency representatives of Dalmatian on Drama getting punched in the mouth.

"SM Entertainment will not be allowed to interfere with JYJ activities and will pay 20 million won every time they violate this court order." - JYJ's current acting agency

“the legal battle between SM and JYJ isn’t finished. The courts’ recent decision is only on the injunctions and not on the invalidation of the contract between SM and JYJ.” - SM Entertainment


“I really don’t know why they are telling me to convey this message. The last time we met at a bowling game, I made some mistakes. I’m usually not like that.” - G.Dragon after he picked YoonA as his ideal type. old meme safe choice tbh.


“Let’s work hard this year and surprise everyone with success!! I love you!” - Park Jung Min tweets @ Kim KyuJong

“I was threatened that if I didn’t break up with my boyfriend then I would be either cut from SM or not [be] able to debut.” - Isak on her experience in the kpop industry

'Now I apologise for denying the prevalent rumours by claiming our love to be a mere friendship. - se7en comments on his 7+ year long relationship with girlfriend girlfriend Park Han Byul

When I go to college, I want to go to orientations and MT with my classmates, things only college students can experience. Even the romantic fantasies, like laying down on the grass on campus. - TEEN TOP's C.A.P

He’s a bit four-dimensional, because when we’re in our dorms, it turns into Changjo’s personal world. He’ll wrestle with the pillows - TEEN TOP on the members personalities


“At the time, Park Jin Young told me that I ‘didn’t have the face to debut in Korea.’ He said that Americans preferred Asian faces, and that it’d be beneficial for me to debut there. I had to go on a diet while training, and since I love eating, it was difficult. I hid hamburgers in my bag and ate it secretly.” - miss A’s Min

He created beautiful cuts that led us all to believe he was a professional model, and also understood all of the clothing and concepts we were aiming for. His ability to express all of that is amazing. - Marie Claire Korea representative speaking about actor Kim Soo Hyun

"CEO Lee Soo Man said, ‘Your nose looks weird. I’ll give you a present.’ And with that, he gave me a new nose.” - Kim Dong Wan

“My agency wanted to give me a present, too. Because my dark circles are really severe, we went to a plastic surgeon, but the doctor said we couldn’t fix it.” - Seungri

What I feel sad about is, I think I have my eyes opened wide and bright but in pictures, I have bleary eyes. - Infinite's Dongwoo

“Check out next month’s issue of Men’s Health!!! I worked really hard for it so ENJOY~." - Nichkhun tweeting a preview of his Men's Helth Magazine shoot.

When we were trainees, the company said that the ‘center’ spot would always be for L. The others didn’t have a spot picked. - Infinite's Sunggyu on the coveted center siwon spot.

“Suzy has been working very hard and she’s eating all her meals as well as healthy foods. She’s gained a tiny bit of weight and went up one size in her school uniform.” -
“Dream High’s” representative defending Suzy against pressed netizens

My cheeks aren’t that chubby but when I see the broadcast, I look like a bulldog. - Infinite's Sungyeol

[Weekly Douche]

“Suzy needs to lose weight first.” - Super Junior Leeteuk's alleged joke. Shisus didn't find it amusing.

“The charm of INFINITE is that each of the seven members have their own clear and unique tastes. But we’re also like a combined set of presents. If you fall for one member, we’re sure you’ll fall for the rest of us.... - Infinite

“Shin Se Kyung’s voluminous body matched our concept very well. She was able to express the charms of both an innocent girl and a seductive lady“. - "A representative"


I’m not always adored, you know. I think that’s the reason why I’ve become somewhat immune to all of the criticism and scandals that have arisen around me - Ock Joo-hyun

“Though it’s coming from me, Changmin’s high notes are effortless and his voice has become deep and fine. He must’ve practiced a considerable amount this year to produce such a voice... Keita Tachibana of w-inds

“There is music that only the god members together can do. Even though we are working separately right now, one day I want to show everyone myself as a god member again." - Kim Tae Woo

“It has been almost two full months since Lee Hyori last ate meat. She’s doing this for plenty of reasons, one being to keep her health in check. She only eats a small amount of seafood from time to time.” - Lee Hyori’s agency which is unaware of the difference between vegetarianism and pescetarianism.

When I told him I would show this photo on this show, he said, ‘It’s okay with me but I worry about you, noona.’“ - Kang Yebin after proving her friendship with JaeJoong.

“I don’t think 2NE1 is the typical Korean pretty girl” - Isak

“We have strived to foster the ability to create our own style out of any musical genre. That is our tactic to surviving the fierce competition,” - Infinite's Woo Hyun

" Nowadays new idols can dance really well, I am jealous". - Shinhwa's Eric

"I feel really upset when people say we're lip syncing, when we're doing our best on stage - 5dolls' Soomi

“Regardless, it’s definite that this controversy gave some new material for those who have been trying to bring down the Hallyu wave. Negative news reports about KARA were aired on TV daily, and I’m sure there were many people who were exposed to KARA only through such news, and not through their music.” - A representative working with artists preparing for Japanese advancement

"We hold a memorial for Lee Eun-joo every year but this year her mother is to be with us so we think this year is especially special for the fans". - One of Lee Eun-joo's fans

Just give me the word and I'm down. I don’t know how they feel, but as for me, we all struggled together, came up together, and that’s something I'll never forget. So, as for me, those dudes are still my boys. I'm down whenever. - Jay Park on future collaborations with 2PM.

“One time, we went up three ranks and started screaming in the waiting room out of pure joy once we found out.” - Infinite

“JYJ, the courts have safeguarded their individual activities, so from now on, the major television stations should let JYJ perform. SM’s not the Blue House (executive office and official residence of the South Korean President), so is there a need to act according to their wishes?” - @welovehani



“This March, I have news you might not like. But when the time comes, I will tell it like it is.” - Kim Kibum's tweet that later made sense when he and Alexander announced their departure from U-Kiss

We were originally scheduled to receive the materials and photoshoot from the Korean edition, then make the relevant adjustments from the Korean edition together with the Korean office.

However, due to various reasons, this article has been let go.
- Regarding the cancellation of JYJ's JaeJoong ELLE Japan April Magazine Issue

“There were some parts that were difficult for SBS to organize. SBS’s changes in programming seem to be too big.” - SBS CP Kim Young Seob on why “What’s Up” starring Daesung and Im Ju Hwan, was forced to cancel on SBS.

We're terrible sorry to be revealing unfortunate news once again.
In December, with the end of "Knock Knock" promotions, Dongwook and Karin will be preparing to fulfill their military service duties.
In 2011 we expect to release a new album along with a new member.
- Orange Entertainment. on what 2011 will be like for DNT


"My grandson looks like his father while my granddaughter looks like her mother. She (Lee) will be transferred to a post-natal care centre in a few days," - Lee Young Ae's father

“We are unsure of the cause of death at the moment, but believe it to be either due to the car accident or his heart problems. We’re currently in discussion for an autopsy.” - Representatives of former SES groupmate Shoo commenting on the accident that occurred when Shoo's father was on his way to SES Bada’s mother's funeral.

"The hospital told us to be ready. My mother told me to live to my fullest and sent me back to Seoul. I'm so sad that I couldn't be by his side. My younger sister's birthday is May 6th, but we took off his oxygen mask on May 7th... - Secret's Hyosung on the death of her father

“We felt infinite happiness during the time we spent together with U-KISS, however, after a long time of worrying, we made this difficult decision because we genuinely felt that the team needed member replacements.” - U-KISS’s agency, NH Media

They wanted a change of members and I agreed to it. Since that day I was not part of U-KISS any longer. - Former U-Kiss member Kibum

“I didn’t quit, they canceled my contract,” - Kim Kibum in a phone conversation with Newsen

“I did leave U-Kiss, but it wasn’t because of school like they stated.” - Alexander on the phone with Newsen

“We thank you again for showing interest in U-KISS, and we apologize for causing concerns.” -- U-KISS’s agency, NH Media

They asked me to sign the agreement of contract termination and with the terms claiming that 'I agree to terminate the contract with the agency'. I was asked to promise not to say anything until the next album come out, I am embarrassed of this - Kim Kibum

If U-KISS becomes more successful with member replacements, then I guess I’m fine with that. - Kim Kibum in an appearance on KBS’s “Entertainers"

Finally after a million cuts it's

“I like Ga-In nuna, but this is too much” - Netizen who wasn't feelin it.

"I guess all her weight goes to her chin first." - Nutritionist
Doogie Howser Netizen M.D

“IU, meet me just once/ IU, don’t be scared/ IU, give me your autograph.” - Aamanjoong Netizen song lyrics

They have to be in their 30s. No way could they be in their 20s.” - Non-Aamanjoong Netizen

“SM, like its name (Sadistic and Masochistic) will continue to torture JYJ.” - Netizen

”So that’s the expression you make when you get chocolates“. - Lucky Netizen with a new expression for their Suzy expression bank.

“How could you ever tell a girl to lose weight, that’s so rude!” - Netizen from Bizarro World

Source:omonatheydidnt + vid by CodeAnalysisSeason4
Omona, I worked hard on this post so you better enjoy it or else! Fave quotes? Post 'em if ya got 'em!

On behalf of OMNTD I would now like to take this time to wish U-Flop good luck in their future endeavors.

RIP U-Kiss
August 15(JP)/28(SK), 2008 - February 2011

TYFYT &hearts
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