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Omona's Surgery-dol talks about his growing popularity.

Kwanghee, a member of the idol group ZE:A, revealed his secret about how he stood out on various variety programs and was the most sought-after for these programs.

During Kwanghee's last interview with Star News, he replied that the secret of his popularity was an 'Explosive sociability'.

He replied while laughing "A lot of people are saying they like me, the secret of this popularity is my explosive sociability". Actually Kwanghee got really popular on MBC 'Quiz to change the world', he made everyone laugh broadly from the teens to the 50 years old people with his familiar way of speaking and his witty repartee.

After that he gained a strong popularity and received love through programs with a wide and regular audience such as SBS 'Strong heart', MBC 'Bouquet'.

Kwanghee said "At first there was people who were overstating about my image and hated seeing me" and "But I thought that I would just show my frankness. A lot of people said they liked my honesty".

He also added "In my brain the biggest part is about human relationships. I always attach a lot of importance to relationship, because I have this part, no matter what happens it will always have the first priority" and "Because a lot of people around likes the fact that relationships are important for me, they help me"

Kwanghee can count on the ZE:A members as the first one to help him amongst the many others ones like the company members and Kang Hodong.

He said "When I was on 'Strong Heart' Kang Hodong senior was really of a big help. He made me stood out, he gave me a lot of help and opportunities" and "Last time I wanted to show my thankfulness, I called him and he gave me a lot of advices again. I'll work even harder to raise the expectations of the people who help me".

On the other hand, on the upcoming march 7th, Kwanghee will transform into an actor and will make a cameo on KBS 2TV mini-serie 'Serious Crime Squad' that will make its first broadcast.

Sources: Star News+EmpireChildren
Translation: BGSS2_Maknae@EmpireChildren
Tags: ze:a

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