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Infinite's March 2011 Edition of Junior Magazine interview

Cinematic Infinite

The Moment in My Life That Felt Like a Movie.

Sungyeol: After becoming a trainee till now.

Dongwoo: When I started sprinting towards a pharmacy after my father suddenly became ill. The moment when I only looked in front of me and ran, so cars were closely passing me by.

Hoya: The time when I danced in the streets every week in Busan, with my friends.

Woohyun: Our first stage—— The screams—- My breathing—-.

Sunggyu: Coming to Seoul after graduating high school and started working; when I passed my auditions and debuted.

L: From the moment I was born till now. And every moment in the future will become like a scene from a movie.

Sungjong: Listening to my MP3 on top of a mountain and feeling the breeze.



A Character That Fits With The Members

Dongwoo: Hoya is like The Thing from ‘Fantastic 4’. Woohyun is like the main male character from ‘Sky High’. Sungjong is like Nemo from ‘Finding Nemo’. Sunggyu hyung is like ‘Kung Fu Panda’. L is like Wonbin from ‘Ahjusshi’. And Sungyeol is like Yoo Seungho from ‘The Way Home’.

Hoya: Dongwoo hyung looks similar to Kang Baekho from the animation, ‘Slam Dunk’.

Sunggyu: He looks like Jim Carrey too. Both Dongwoo and Jim Carrey’s expressions are alive.

Woohyun: We can all be the stone from ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’. Since we’re Sesame-finite [T/N: meaning they come out on shows and things for a short time, but they’re still there].

L: Sungyeol is like an elementary schooler.

Sungjong: I think Woohyun hyung would be good at a con artist role. L hyung would do a charismatic role. Hoya hyung would do a Busan man role, Dongwoo hyung would do a fool role, and Sunggyu hyung would get the role of someone who has a lot of willpower, but things just don’t work out for him. 


If You Are The Hero of The Movie?

The prior questioning portion is over. Now all of you are the directors and main characters for this movie. Your family, friends, and all the people you meet come out in this movie. Those who look at them would become the audience, right? The movie’s ending will change depending on your decision. Movie Hero! We will be watching over your decisions! 

[T/N: These are all movie titles and they’ll be deciding what to do depending on the scene.]


You’re being bothered by a relentless stalker

Sunggyu: I’m so scared. I should hurry and call 112 and report this.

Dongwoo: Thank you for loving me. But if there’s a misunderstanding, let’s figure it out by talking.

Sungyeol: I think I’ll be really distressed—

Woohyun: I don’t even want to think about it. Really.

L: I’ll do the same thing to them. 

Hoya: I’ll scold them!

‘Old Boy’

You become confined somewhere by a stranger, without even knowing the reason.

Woohyun: Don’t just give me dumplings, give me pickled radishes too!! [T/N: Referring to a scene in the movie.] 

Sungyeol: I’ll make sure to escape and then plot revenge. And I won’t even give them pickled radishes.

L: Open up!!

Sungjong: I’ll convince them to let me go. The point here is to speak logically!

Dongwoo: I’ll find out the reason first and if it’s with good intentions, I’ll follow it. If not, I’ll be humorous so they can feel better and I can be free. 

‘200 Pounds Beauty’

The woman I love turns out to be a plastic surgery beauty. And they’re bald on top of that.

Dongwoo: It’s okay. If they try to hide it, I’ll get mad and say they look prettier when they’re bald. 

Sungjong: Who cares if they’re bald. Since it’s someone I love, I don’t care.

Hoya: I would be okay if she had plastic surgery, but I think being bald would be harder to accept. But if it’s someone I really love, I can just plant hair and be done with it.

Sungyeol: They say you need to protect the one you love~


A world where everything is frozen except you

Woohyun: I think I would be scared

Hoya: I want to go on a trip by myself

Sunggyu: I would go to my family. I miss my family so much.

L: Uwah! I think it would be fascinating.

Dongwoo: Daebak!! First, I would eat everything and wear everything. Then drive in one of the top cars and play as much as I want with electronics. And then I would go to foreign countries and go sightseeing.

Bonus Question! A supernatural power you want!

Sungjong Hoya Dongwoo: Teleportation

L: The guru powers from ‘Jeon Woochi, the Taoist Wizard’.

Sunggyu: The powers to look through things. I want to see everything. 

Woohyun: The powers to help neighbors who are having a hard time. A power to make those who are ill, not be ill.

Sungyeol: Powers to fly in the sky.

‘Truman Show’

You had to do a live show for 24 hours. Most embarrassing moment?

L:  I turned on the computer secretly at night. I succeeded. Happiness last for a little while, 3 seconds later I turn around and see my mother standing at my doorway.

Sunggyu: I went to a restaurant and I find that I have a hole in my sock.

Woohyun: (M! Countdown) first broadcast… ripped pants.

Hoya: I haven’t had any really embarrassing moments, but if someone was watching me, I would think that all my moments would be embarrassing.

Dongwoo: I went into the girls’ bathroom by accident and, rather, I got mad at them.

Sungyeol: I thought no one was there and started to change my clothes. My god!!



You went to the ocean with your members, and then Jaws appeared. If you don’t save them quickly, everyone will die. Who’ll you save first?!!

Sungyeol: If one person was going to die, I think it would be better if we all died.

Hoya: I’ll find a way to save everyone.

Dongwoo: We’ll all kill Jaws and eat him together.

Woohyun: One Jaws is nothing.

Sunggyu: I’ll save the youngest, Sungjong, first. And if I just pretend I’m dead, don’t you think Jaws will go someplace else?

Sungjong: Since Dongwoo hyung can’t swim, it’s possible that he’ll drown, so I’ll save him first.



The robot I need is?

L: A twin robot that looks exactly like me. I want to see what I act like.

Sungjong: A robot that cleans, cooks, and gives me piggyback rides.

Sunggyu: A robot that washes me. When I’m tired, I can just lie still and it’ll do it all for me.

Woohyun: Cleaning robot. Housemaid robot.

Dongwoo: A robot that won’t get tired even if it dances all day and can play whenever everyone else is asleep; infinite stamina robot. A robot that has a lot of storage space and can organize pretty well.

Sungyeol: A robot that’ll improve my entertainment skills.



I can give my life for the one I love.

Woohyun: Of course, you can bet on it.

Dongwoo: I’m going to live and save the other person, too.



You can’t remember anything for more than 10 minutes. Still, what’s the one thing you never want to forget?

Sungyeol: The memories I’ve made with my family

Dongwoo: I don’t want to forget myself.

Woohyun: When all the fans became one and sang our song at our fanmeeting. I was so touched that I cried a lot. I never want to forget that.

Hoya: Memories with the people I love.

Sunggyu: I don’t want to forget the person that I love and care for.


You’re stranded on a deserted island. You need one member and three things.

Dongwoo: Woohyun. My things are a shovel, a hammer, and a knife!

Woohyun: Dongwoo. If I’m with Dongwoo, I don’t think I’ll be bored. Computer, foodstuffs, and cellphone.

Sunggyu: L. Toiletries, MP3 player, cellphone. L is quiet, so I don’t think he’ll disturb my vacation. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get a good rest in a place where there are no people.

Hoya: Dongwoo hyung. Notebook, MP3 player, blanket.

‘If Only’

Your last day with the person you love.

Hoya: I want to grant all of that person’s wishes.

Sungyeol: I’ll make one last promise. That we’ll certainly meet again in the next life.

Dongwoo: I’ll reminisce while looking at old photos. I’ll converse with that person all day; when it becomes nighttime, I’ll take her to the best restaurant and then go watch the city lights.

Woohyun: I want to take the girl I love to meet my parents.

L: There will be a wedding ceremony.

Sunggyu: I’ll take her hand in mine and go watch the waves of the ocean. At the beach I will face the world and shout with all my might, that I love her.

‘The Art of Seduction’

A seductive comment that would work 100% of the time or my charm

Dongwoo: Doesn’t work! My charm is my strength and greasy eyes.

Sungjong: I will honestly tell her that I like her.

L: Ah, excuse me! You dropped this.

Sunggyu: Shall we go out to eat together?

Hoya: I will show her my own stage.

Sungyeol: Aegyo? [Acting cute]

Woohyun: As soon as I open my eyes, I see you. That’s my way of expressing my interest. But to be honest, I never got to try that out on a person I liked, so pass~



How will you respond to the apocalypse?

Woohyun: I will plant a tree.

L: I’ll plant an apple tree.

Sungjong: I’m going to pray.

Dongwoo: After saying goodbye to my family, I’m going to sleep. So I won’t know if the apocalypse comes.


‘Night of the Living Dead’

Everyone became a zombie. What’s your choice as the only person left alive?

Sungjong: I’ll keep running away whilst fighting them. I’ll save this world by finding a potion that will make them turn back into human beings.

Dongwoo, Sunggyu: There’s definitely another person who’s not a zombie. I have to find that person.

Woohyun: I will live with the zombies in peace, like good friends.

Hoya: I’m heading to the ocean.


‘The Proposal’

What’s the proposal of your dreams?

Sungyeol: I’m going to confess my love on worldwide television.

Dongwoo: I’m going to borrow a small boat and make it look like a coincidence. When there’s just the two of us, I’m going to confess my heart.

Hoya: I’m going to compose a song made especially for one person and then sing it to her.

Woohyun: I’m going to make it so that only my face will be on all TV channels and confess my love.

Sunggyu: I’m going to buy my girlfriend a private airplane. I’ll already be on the plane, and welcome her. Then we’ll leave together on a vacation.

Sungjong: At a mountain summit, I’m going to kneel and propose to her.

L: In a sincere voice, I will ask, “Will you marry me?”

pic: fuckyeahinfinite
trans. cr; hyejin, jihye @ infinite updates (1, 2, 3, 4)

Long interview is long ^^;
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