Hanmae (hey_insomnia) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

2PM Japan Mobile Site Updates

His mobile phone is the only meaning of his existence. Sometimes~ he uploads pictures.

Welcome! He's having fun in Okinawa

Wooyoung! Of course, that color is... w

Chan-baby and the Okinawa sky.

Khun and the Okinawa sky. His hairdo is secure!

Right now, they're in the middle of lunch. Look's like they're eating lots. www

Junsu and an Okinawan lion statue [used as a talisman against evil]. Right before lunch. Ah, young master Junsu is ready to eat. w

After Sōki Soba, ice cream! Brown sugar and pineapple vinegar... What does that taste like?

Chansung and an Okinawan lion statue. What the?... He looks like a delinquent TT w

Source: 2PM's Japan Mobile Site via DndunDkfgdl_yk @ twitter
Translated by oraday @ Wild2Day.org
Tags: 2pm

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