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Suzy sheds tears over her acting criticisms

During the “Dream High Special Concert,” miss A’s Suzy shed tears due to the heavy dose of criticism for her acting during the beginning of the drama.

She revealed her true feelings for the drama and after watching her NG scenes, she suddenly burst into tears.

At MC Park Kyung Lim’s surprise over her sudden tears, she said, “I lacked so much,” and couldn’t go on. After the MC comforted her by saying, “I bet you were heartbroken,” she could only say, “I still have a lot of mixed feelings.”

After viewing the behind-the-scenes clips, Suzy still couldn’t hide her feelings back. When asked the question, “When did you have the most trouble?” she answered, “When I was frustrated at myself,” then turned her face away from the cameras.

poor bb, in the end of the day she is just a kid. also in the special she seemed to be embarrassed for crying in front of the public.
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