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Wooyoung & IU sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

It has been revealed that Wooyoung and IU went on two secret dates without anyone knowing!

The two truthfully told their tales during the "Dream High Special Concert" and elaborated that they went on two dates after filming the drama. Wooyoung said, "After the filming was over, I was really hungry so I went to grab dinner with IU. We ate late at night by ourselves at a restaurant. After paying, I told her 'next time, you treat'".

After the cast grilled the two for more details, IU revealed, "After promising that I’d treat him the next time, we went to a meat place. I was a little worried about the bill, and was about to pay, but I found out that Wooyoung paid already. It was awkward during the meal, so we just ate".

No one except the 'Milky Couple' knew about their two dates. Taecyeon and Eunjung were surprised, and kept repeating, "Really?". MC Kim Tae Woo raised his own suspicions about the couple, saying, "I bet Wooyoung just said some cheesy pick-up lines".

They also revealed why their kiss scene wasn’t steamy or even on the lips, saying, "The producer wanted a real kiss on the lips, but we didn’t think it was right, so we didn't do it".

Meanwhile, Wooyoung and IU showed off their 'Milky Couple' affection for each other by having a special performance.

During the concert, IU performed to 'Someday', her own track from "Dream High Soundtrack". She wore an elegant dress and impressed the crowd with her awesome vocals.

Wooyoung made a surprise appearance during the performance and presented her with candies, and he went on to carry out a 'kiss performance' with his girl.

'Someday' is a R&B song incorporating beautiful acoustic guitar chords, and captured IU’s wonderful vocals and J.Y. Park's excellent composition, creating the perfect harmony.

source: akp, Sports Today via nate, unknowncarrot170

Sorry, Wooyoung, but the line "Next time, you treat" is definitely fishing for another date, especially when it's directed at your dongsaeng who happens to be a girl.

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