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SBS Cancels Another Show

SBS reveals that they will end “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate”

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After a three-year run on the air, SBS’s “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate” will record its final episode on March 2nd.

A representative of SBS’s variety team spoke with Star News and revealed, “‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’ will be coming to an end as we restructure the line-up for the Spring broadcast season.”

Kim Jung Eun’s representatives confirmed, “Kim Jung Eun will be holding her final recording today.” The source revealed that she harbored a great love for the show, and that she took the news of the show’s cancellation harder than anyone else.

Kim Jung Eun personally tweeted, “Today is the last day for ‘Chocolate’. I hoped that the day would never come because I couldn’t bear the thought of saying goodbye to something I saw every week, but I changed my mind yesterday. I am going to make sure that I enjoy the day no matter what, so that one day in the future, I’ll be able to remember that day the most. I’m going to enjoy it just like I always have.”

She continued, “A few days ago, I complained, ‘This is too much! How could they end ‘Chocolate’ just a few days before my birthday (March 4th)!’ The person replied, ‘This final recording is your birthday present, don’t you think?’ I thought about it and it’s so true… I am going to receive an unforgettable birthday present today! Aja!”

The program to take ‘Chocolate’s place is still under discussion. Another representative revealed, “We’re in the final stages of discussing Park Kolleen’s program. We’ll be revealing further information soon.”

Source: Star News via Nate, Allkpop, stupidwisdom, & EyedGirls1

Definitely bummed by the news, Chocolate always had the best performances. Hopefully someone steps in with a similar program that showcases musicians and their music without all the extra gimmicks. Omona what's your favorite KJE Chocolate performance?

performances we're going to miss...Collapse )
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